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New Research Articles in Psychosis Journal

New articles available in Psychosis are online now on Taylor & Francis Online:

A qualitative study of refugees with psychotic symptoms
J.E. Rhodes, N.S. Parrett & O.J. Mason
DOI: 10.1080/17522439.2015.1045547

Does childhood bullying lead to the development of psychotic symptoms? A meta-analysis and review of prospective studies
Twylla Cunningham, Katrina Hoy & Ciaran Shannon
DOI: 10.1080/17522439.2015.1053969

Tales from the madhouse: an insider critique of psychiatric services
William Park
DOI: 10.1080/17522439.2015.1055784

Psychological approaches to understanding and treating auditory hallucinations: From theory to therapy
Lony Schiltz
DOI: 10.1080/17522439.2015.1049199

Together we stand in the bottomless pit – When trauma hits the therapeutic dyad
Y. Spinzy & G. Cohen-Rappaport
DOI: 10.1080/17522439.2015.1052007

Engage Facebook Updates

Here are a half a dozen recent highlights from our Facebook page. Please LIKE US!

Mr David Rutherford, Chief Human Rights Commissioner, releases the updated 2015 Bullying Prevention Guidelines on Pink Shirt Day at Silverstream School.
They call it waking up alive – that moment you’re aware your suicide attempt was not fatal.
Devastating news for vulnerable Kiwis
Relationships Aotearoa struggling to stay afloat.
New Zealand’s social welfare system “dehumanises” people in need.
Laughter yoga is the practice of deliberate, voluntary laughter. The idea is that forced laughter soon turns into real laughter.

Everyone’s Been Bullied. Not Everyone Responds Like This 15-Year-Old Girl.

Having experienced bullying a lot herself, as well as seeing how it affects other young people, Nakita wanted to do something to make a difference. Nakita is an incredible singer (as you can see here) and so at 13 decided to write a song. However, this songwriting process was different than most. Nakita went into six schools and interviewed 180 young people of all ages about their experiences of bullying. Then, with mentorship from the band Dukes, she collated these experiences into a song.

The result can be found here: http://onevoice.net.nz/#sthash.PJd6EjhC.cjBo9j7i.dpbs

or here: Nakita Turner – One Voice

Pink Shirt Day – February 26th

Pink Shirt Day want to hear from young people about their experiences of bullying. Were you bullied? What did you do? Who helped you, and how? How could the people in your life (e.g. friends/parents/teachers, etc) have better supported you? What would you say to other young people who are being bullied? How can they get help? OR if you weren’t bullied, have you witnessed bullying? What did you do? What should other young people do when they see someone being bullied?

Pink Shirt Day would like these stories to have a resilience and recovery focus, and to give practical tips and advice to young people and their parents who need guidance and help. You can submit your story, tell it to Sophia Graham on 09 623 4810 x 811. They would also love to see your artwork depicting your experiences with bullying and recovery from being bullied.


Highlights from the Engage Facebook Page

Here are a few of the posts shared on the Engage Aotearoa Facebook Page in the last few weeks.

Mike King Korero Goes to Kawakawa 7 May 2013

Engage Aotearoa and Key to Life Charitable Trust will be taking the Mike King Korero to Kawakawa on the 7th of May for two sessions at Bay of Islands College. In the morning, students at Bay of Islands College will get the chance to take part in the Cool to Korero seminar that aims to encourage students to talk about their problems with people they trust before things get on top of them. In the evening, community members will be able to take part in the Community Korero to discuss how to help prevent suicide in their town.

Click here to read about the Whangarei Community Korero that took place on the 9th of April and made the front page of the Northern Advocate.

Click here to check out photos and feedback from the Whangarei Korero.




Auckland Youth Worker Development Trust e-panui 18-03-2013

Here are some excerpts from the March 18th Auckland Youth Worker Development Trust e-Panui.

Contact Papi Moka at Auckland Youth Worker Development Trust to sign up for their e-panui and keep yourself in the loop about all things youth development related. Email aywdtrust@gmail.com.

Youthlaw Education Workshop

FREE one day intensive workshop

  • Tuesday 24th May, 9am4pm, – *New Date
  • YouthLaw offices
  • 145 St George St, Papatoetoe

For parents, school staff, youth & social workers & the community

Learn about enrolment, discipline, human rights, rights of students with disabilities, & the rules for stand‐down, suspension, exclusion & expulsion. Learn practical strategies to help keep young people in school. To book contact Mira Taitz, Legal Education Coordinator: mira@youthlaw.co.nz or (09) 250 2661.

Training Trainers

Develop your confidence and skills for planning and running effective workshops, seminars or training courses for your staff, volunteers or clients.

  • ·        Date:   26th March 2013
  • ·        Time:   9.30am to 12.30pm
  • ·        Place:  Waitakere Community Resource Centre, 8 Ratanui St, Henderson (see attached)
  • ·        Cost:   $45.00

There are two preparation tasks to complete when you enrol 1) completing your own learning styles questionnaire and 2) bringing ideas for a workshop, seminar or training you want to run.

Please note, this half-day session is an introduction only, giving an overview of these fundamentals for training. Follow-up training and coaching is available if needed.

Trainer/ Facilitator – Rhyll Stafford has been working intensively with individuals, groups and organisations and their learning and development since 1996, initially in Social Services and Violence Prevention projects. She has trained trainers within UNITEC, New Zealand Institute of Management and a range of community initiatives. She is a member of MIRA NZ, an organization development company based in Titirangi. More information about Rhyll and MIRA is available on www.miracompanions.co.nz  Numbers are limited.  Book now to avoid disappointment. To book contact Mandy Spencer on mandy@communitywaitakere.org.nz or ph 09 838 7903

Auckland Youth Workers Networking Hui

Date: TBA *Please note, this event will now be held during Youth Week to show how we, in the Youth Work sector – Live Like A Legend…

…“Be a positive role model by continuing to push yourself and set new goals and aims. Believe in young people and respect them to make good decisions. Celebrate the successes of young people. Believe in yourself and your potential. Talk about the legends in your past. Encourage and empower young people to live like legends”.

  • Time: 9:30 – 12:30
  • Venue: South Auckland -TBC
  • Cost: Gold Coin Donation

The AYWDTrust is holding an extraordinary networking opportunity for all Youth Workers in the Auckland Region. This will be a prime opportunity to gather together and work collaboratively to identify and address the training gaps in the Auckland youth sector.

There will be relevant guest speakers, and a Code of Ethics ‘refresher course’ will form part of the day to give participants the opportunity to get some training in – as well as a great day out. A more detailed programme will be available next month so stay tuned …

Zeal presents Lyricist Lounge. 

A cafe night of live performances in HIPHOP, R&B, SPOKEN WORD POETRY & OPEN MIC, by some of NZ’s finest lyrical artists. Extend your summer with some soulful dialects and melodic tunes.

$5 Entry [Performers Free]

  • Thursday 28th  March
  • 7:30pm to 9pm
  • 20 Alderman Drive, Henderson

Contact: John Purcell Puleitu (JP)

Youth Week is Coming – Get Your Ducks In a Row! 

Youth Week is happening the week of May 4th to May 12th. Visit the Youth Week website to order resources for your organisation or school: http://arataiohi.org.nz/youthweekresources

Grant applications for Youth Week events are now open.

Youth Week are really interested in any media coverage your events receives, and would love to have a copy. You can email any media coverage you wish to share with them  and/or you can also post photos of your media coverage on their Facebook page. youthweek@arataiohi.org.nz

Pink Shirt Day –  Friday 18 May

Wear a pink shirt today to show that bullying is not OK!
Help raise awareness and take a stance against bullying and that it should not  be tolerated anywhere no matter what the reason.

For more info visit the website: http://changingminds.us4.listmanage1.com/track/click?u=0ae19a33aecbccc00bd1fbf5e&id=6769e19478&e=b3f8852fb9.

Bullying Can Lead to PTSD Symptoms

A new study has found a high incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms among teenagers who have been bullied.

The study of 963 teens aged 14 and 15 in Norwegian schools found symptoms of the disorder in about 33 percent of the students who said they were victims of bullying — though it did not determine that these students were diagnosed with full-blown PTSD.

“This is noteworthy, but nevertheless unsurprising,” said psychologist Dr. Thormod Idsøe from the University of Stavanger (UiS) and Bergen’s Center for Crisis Psychology.

“Bullying is defined as long-term physical or mental violence by an individual or group. It’s directed at a person who’s not able to defend themselves at the relevant time. We know that such experiences can leave a mark on the victim.”

Read the full article at Psych Central


Report Highlights Bullying Faced By Kiwis Living with Disabilities

A report, released this week, highlights major issues facing New Zealanders living with disabilities.

Bullying, violence and harassment of disabled students in schools was highlighted in the annual report on the Disability Convention.

… Kea Street Specialist School principal Sherie Collins said some mainstream schools were more accepting or more supportive of children with disabilities.

An accepting culture could help mainstream schools address student bullying problems, she suggested.

Link to The NZ Herald: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10851945

New Bullying and Anger Management Info from Skylight

Topic cards for BULLYING and ANGER MANAGEMENT have just been added to our GETTING STRONGER support game, in response to many community requests for such tools.

This very successful support game, developed by Skylight in New Zealand, (a not for profit grief and trauma support organisation) has been hugely successful in encouraging 8-14 year olds to open up and talk with a trusted adult (such as a family worker, social worker, counsellor, teacher, community nurse etc) about sensitive life topics they are dealing with, including:

  • Bullying – being the bully or being bullied
  • Managing anger
  • Bereavement
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Living with Domestic violence
  • Living with Mental illness in the family
  • Living with Serious illness or injury in the family
  • Living with Addiction in the family

The game is available here http://www.skylight.org.nz/Shop/The+Getting+Stronger+Game

Other bullying support tools are available here http://www.skylight.org.nz/Shop/Bullying

Other anger management support tools are available here http://www.skylight.org.nz/Shop/About+Feelings/Anger%20and%20Hard%20to%20Handle%20Behaviour