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New Research Articles in Psychosis Journal

New articles available in Psychosis are online now on Taylor & Francis Online: A qualitative study of refugees with psychotic symptoms J.E. Rhodes, N.S. Parrett & O.J. Mason DOI: 10.1080/17522439.2015.1045547 Does childhood bullying lead to the development of psychotic symptoms? A meta-analysis and review of prospective studies Twylla Cunningham, Katrina Read more →

Psychosis: latest articles on Taylor & Francis Online

The following are some highlights from the latest Taylor and Francis “Psychosis” online releases. Overcoming distressing voices Katherine Berry Understanding the development of narrative insight in early psychosis: A qualitative approach Eric Macnaughton, Sam Sheps, Jim Frankish & Dave Irwin Is the content of persecutory delusions relevant to self-esteem? Johanna Read more →

5 things I’ve learned about surviving my darkest struggles

Five things I’ve learned about surviving my darkest struggles Recovery Note #3 ~ Taimi Allan 1. De-claw the Bear Talking about the most difficult stuff (the unwanted thoughts, the frightening images, fears, guilt and panic) takes their power away. These things are waking nightmares designed by my brain to purge Read more →

Taylor and Francis: New Research Article on First-episode Psychosis

A fascinating new article has been published in full on the Taylor and Francis website. The full title and abstract are below. One of their conclusions is that people can use some coping strategies which are “adaptive” and some which may not be so good for us. Also they decide Read more →

Liverpool University Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE BY LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY FEBRUARY 2014 Research led by a University of Liverpool psychologist has found strong support for the theory that early childhood trauma, such as abuse and neglect, could lead to the development of psychosis in later life. An international team of researchers reviewed more than 120 Read more →

Highlights from the Engage Facebook Page

Here are a few of the posts shared on the Engage Aotearoa Facebook Page in the last few weeks. CBT ‘effective’ in schizophrenia Changing the way people think about and deal with schizophrenia could be as effective as drugs treatments, researchers say. Review Finds Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Psychosis Read more →

New Research Burst: Lots of Great New Articles Out Online

New Research from Psychosis Online Psychosis has just published a bunch of new research articles online, one of which has the Engage team buzzing because it backs up our transdiagnostic approach by providing another piece of proof that people with psychosis have some of the same underlying traits that people Read more →

New Therapy for Hearing Voices and other Auditory Hallucinations?

Avatar therapy for persecutory auditory hallucinations: What is it and how does it work? Julian Leff, Geoffrey Williams, Mark Huckvale, Maurice Arbuthnot & Alex P. Leff Psychosis, 2013, DOI: 10.1080/17522439.2013.773457 From the abstract:  “[Avatar Therapy is] a novel therapy based on a computer program, which enables the patient to create an avatar Read more →