Engage Aotearoa

About Us

A recovery promotion project with one simple aim: help make it easier for people to find the hopeful understandings, practical strategies, treatments and community connections needed to recover from a mental-health problem.

Engage Aotearoa creates and shares service-user informed, evidence-based resources online in the virtual world and works to get hard-copy information into the real-world. We operate from a lived-experience perspective, which means everyone involved has personal experience of recovery  and a professional skill-set to share.

Engage Aotearoa was created by Miriam Larsen-Barr and Daniel Larsen-Barr in 2009. Miriam wrote the content out of her Master’s research, which explored the outcomes of a transdiagnostic anxiety support programme she designed and implemented at Youthline. Daniel taught himself how to build websites to create an online home for the resources that grew out of the group. We have been joined by several different volunteers over the years. At one time we established the Community Mental Health Resources Trust to govern the initiative but we couldn’t maintain this in the time we had available and we are back to a basic voluntary effort.

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