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Music Video Sheds Light on Bullying

Grace Pageant released her brand new music video to a packed crowd at a Pechakucha event in Auckland on Thursday 11 May.

Directed by Erin Gaffney and Leigh Fitzjames, the stop-motion music video masterfully uses thousands of buttons and individual photographs to bring Pageant’s story of dealing with teenage bullies to life.

Her message to anyone facing it now? Speak out and get support. You will get through it.

Watch the video and listen to the song here: Grace Pageant – Girl with No Bones

Help Keep a Survivor in 1st Place

Stand Tall needs your support to keep it at No 1 in Olympic competition

With only three days of voting left, Sam RB’s song Stand Tall is in first place in the NZ Olympic Song Writing Competition. For it to stay in first place and become the NZ Olympic Anthem for the London Olympics she needs your votes, every day before voting closes this Saturday March 31st at 5pm.

Vote here and follow Stand Tall’s progress.
Read more about Stand Tall.

Stand Tall with NZ Sign Language

Good luck Sam! It’s a fabulous song.