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The efficacy of a text messaging intervention for anxiety and depression among young people

One of Engage Aotearoa’s recovery resources, the Small Victories challenge, was included in the pilot of a text-messaging programme for young people with depression and anxiety at Youthline. The results of the evaluation were published last year in the Children and Youth Services Review. Abstract Background: Depression and anxiety are among Read more →

5 things I learned about coping with depression in my teens

Five things I learned about coping with depression as a teenager Recovery Note #4 ~ Emma Edwards 1. It’s okay to not be okay It is not a weakness to experience depression, anxiety, and other forms of distress as a teenager. It is quite common! Society tells us that we should Read more →

5 things I’ve learned about surviving my darkest struggles

Five things I’ve learned about surviving my darkest struggles Recovery Note #3 ~ Taimi Allan 1. De-claw the Bear Talking about the most difficult stuff (the unwanted thoughts, the frightening images, fears, guilt and panic) takes their power away. These things are waking nightmares designed by my brain to purge Read more →

Research Articles from the BMC Psychiatry Journal

Here are some Research Articles from the BMC Psychiatry Journal: Personality dimensions of schizophrenia patients compared to control subjects by gender and the relationship with illness severity Miralles C, Alonso Y, Verge B, Setó S, Gaviria AM, Moreno L, Cortés MJ, Gutiérrez-Zotes A, Vilella E, Martorell L BMC Psychiatry 2014, 14 Read more →

Recent highlights from Engage Aotearoa’s Facebook page

Here are some recent highlights from Engage Aotearoa’s Facebook page: The French Embassy is calling on young Kiwis to apply for a Human Rights programme in Paris: The Embassy of France has launched a call for applications to young New Zealanders to apply for a fantastic mobility programme in Paris Read more →

Updates from the Engage Facebook Page

Stay: The Social Contagion of Suicide and How to Preempt It. “We are indebted to one another and the debt is a kind of faith — a beautiful, difficult, strange faith. We believe each other into being.” Suicide: Facts and Myths – Square.  Suicide is a major public health problem in Australia. Read more →

National Depression Initiative Seeks Rural Men to Share Stories of Recovery from Depression

The National Depression Initiative (NDI) is undertaking a new project around rural mental health. They want to make a new series of videos for depression.org.nz, and are looking for farmers who have come through a depression journey and are prepared to tell their story. If you (or someone you know) Read more →

Mike King Korero Goes to Kawakawa 7 May 2013

Engage Aotearoa and Key to Life Charitable Trust will be taking the Mike King Korero to Kawakawa on the 7th of May for two sessions at Bay of Islands College. In the morning, students at Bay of Islands College will get the chance to take part in the Cool to Read more →

New Research out from BMC Psychiatry in Feb 2013

Research article Childhood clumsiness and peer victimization: a case–control study of psychiatric patients Bejerot S, Humble MB BMC Psychiatry 2013, 13:68 (25 February 2013) [Provisional PDF] Research article A case-linkage study of crime victimisation in schizophrenia-spectrum disorders over a period of deinstitutionalisation Short TB, Thomas S, Luebbers S, Mullen P, Ogloff JR BMC Psychiatry 2013, 13:66 (20 February 2013) Read more →

Research on Mental-Health Effects of Computer Use

Research article Computer use and stress, sleep disturbances, and symptoms of depression among young adults — a prospective cohort study Thomée S, Härenstam A, Hagberg M BMC Psychiatry 2012, 12:176 (22 October 2012) [Abstract] [Provisional PDF]