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Coping Resources

Welcome to Your Coping Tool Kit

If you want to learn new coping skills or build your resilience to distress, this is the spot for you.

The Coping Kete

Click on the kete to find over 150 new ways of coping with stress and distress.

The Coping Kete is an online tool for expanding your set of coping resources as a way to build better mental health and survive the crisis points. Use The Coping Kete to practice new strategies and build your own Personal Coping Kete of tools for moments of distress. You will also find tips for using the Coping Kete to survive a crisis, information about coping and suggestions to help you through the barriers we can face when we try to learn new ways of handling stress and distress.


The Thriving Lives Worksheet

ThrivingLivesWorksheet_ScreenShotIt is much easier to cope with stress and distress when our daily activities set us up for positive mental-health experiences. The Thriving Lives Worksheet takes the 7 core ‘symptoms’ of positive mental health experiences that are highlighted in the research, and turns them into 7 areas of practice we can engage with to build those experiences into our everyday lives. Use the Thriving Lives Worksheet to explore how you currently put these practices into action and create a plan for filling in the gaps. You will need to print the PDF file or save a copy and use the ‘type-writer’ tool in Adobe Acrobat, if you wish to fill it out on your computer. This worksheet was originally created for use in a workshop setting. A more detailed hand-book to help guide you is on the way. The information in The Coping Kete will help you understand the difference between activities that are helpful and unhelpful in the long-term.

Download The Thriving Lives Worksheet here (pdf) or click the image above.


The Coping Posters Teaching Resource

The Coping Posters Teaching Resource allows teachers to use The Coping Kete to encourage their students to explore helpful ways of coping with stress and distress while they learn the static image component of the Year 9 English Curriculum. This resource was created in collaboration with Ilana Hill, a NZ secondary school teacher with a passion for suicide prevention. If you’d like to see your class doing something like this, take a copy along to your teacher and let them know it’s here!

Find out more about The Coping Posters Teaching Resource here.

Download the Coping Posters Teaching Resource here (pdf).