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National Depression Initiative Seeks Rural Men to Share Stories of Recovery from Depression

The National Depression Initiative (NDI) is undertaking a new project around rural mental health.

They want to make a new series of videos for depression.org.nz, and are looking for farmers who have come through a depression journey and are prepared to tell their story.

If you (or someone you know) are male, aged 24 to 65, a farmer of any kind, and would be willing to share, please contact Belinda Moss

  • b.moss@hpa.org.nz
  • 04 9170513 (office hours)

Updated Online Resources Pack Now Available

The Online Resources Pack was given an overhaul last week and the latest update is now available on the Information Resources page of the Engage Aotearoa website.

Direct link: www.engagenz.co.nz/downloads/OnlineResourcesPackEngageAotearoa.pdf

What is the Online Resources Pack? 

The Online Resources Pack is an information pack, full of links to web-based resources for mental-health recovery. This includes resources for distraction and entertainment as well as mental-health resources. Roughly 50% of websites sharing information about mental health are funded by pharmaceutical companies and present a bio-medical view of mental health. The Online Resources Pack brings together independent forms of web-based information that share psycho-social and/or lived experience perspectives and tools. The Online Resources Pack is updated on a regular basis. The team tries to check content prior to inclusion, but it is impossible to check every part of every website. If you find something stigmatising in one of the links included in the Online Resources Pack, please get in touch. To contribute content or suggest an edit to the Online Resources Pack, email info@engagenz.co.nz.

What’s New in the 29 November ’13 Update?

  • Content is now divided into sub-sections so it is easier to find what you are looking for. 
    • Distraction/Entertainment/Inspiration
    • Information and Reading
    • Online Self-Help
    • Online Support Groups and Networks
    • Recovery Stories
  • Two new pages of links to explore, including new…
    • CBT resources
    • DBT resources
    • ACT resources
    • Recovery blogs by people with Bipolar Disorder
    • Recovery blogs by people with Borderline Personality Disorder
    • Suicide prevention information
    • International service-user initiatives
    • and more…

The Online Resources Pack is designed to be shared

  • Print a copy and leave it in a public place or give it to someone you know
  • Email the link to your networks
  • Share it on Facebook
  • Share it on your website

How to Share the Online Resources Pack on your Website 

Use the URL below to link to the Online Resources Pack from your own website. http://www.engagenz.co.nz/downloads/OnlineResourcesPackEngageAotearoa.pdf
Using this URL ensures your link will never go out of date. It also allows Engage Aotearoa to track wider community use of the resource and ensures appropriate acknowledgements for the resource.

Surviving Suicidal Urges: e-Resource Now Available

Surviving Suicidal Urges is an e-Resource sharing tips for recovery from the storytellers in The Butterfly Diaries, Vol 1.

View, save and share Surviving Suicidal Urges.



The Butterfly Diaries is a creative book project sharing true stories of hope and transformation from people who have made it through the experience of being suicidal.

Storytellers took part in an interview and writers used the interview notes to turn their stories into creative works of fiction. The interview notes were also used to summarise each of the storytellers’ recovery strategies. These have now been collected together in the e-Resource Surviving Suicidal Urges.

Order a copy of the free book online to get the full story behind each set of tips.

You can find permanent links to this e-Resource on the Information Resources and Butterfly Diaries sections of the Engage Aotearoa website at www.engagenz.co.nz.


Chatters Newsletter from Crossroads Clubhouse: Sep-Oct 2013

The September-October issue of Crossroad Clubhouse’s newsletter, Chatters was released on the 7th of October.

Click here to open Chatters September-October Issue

The C Word: C is For Consumer | New Blog Promotes Discussion

An important new forum for strengthening self-determination in mental-health recovery has been launched on the Changing Minds website – a brand new blog called The C Word.

The latest blog post on ‘The C Word’ was released on Friday the 15th of March, and this time the blogger tackles the word ‘Consumer’ and ideas of self-identification:

“Working in what is considered a “consumer” role, most people would assume that I identify as a “consumer”.  But I don’t.  Put simply, I just can’t identify with that term, and to be honest I feel the same way when it comes to alternatives such as “service-user”.

I choose instead to identify as a person.

I’ve had experiences in my life that have lead me to work in the mental health and addictions sector. These experiences probably enable me to work in this sector more effectively, because I bring personal knowledge as well as professional knowledge to my work.  I don’t feel that I should need to share those life experiences to prove my validity as a humanitarian and as an asset to the community sector.  I’m a person – a person with a strong sense of social justice and who believes that all human beings should be free from harm and treated with fairness and respect. ”

Read more…

Excerpts from Stories of Recovery from Being Suicidal are Now Live Online

The Butterfly Diaries creative book project is drawing close to completion. For nearly a year, six writers have been working to tell the stories of six Kiwis who survived the experience of being suicidal and found their way to a better place. The first three stories are now complete and excerpts are available for reading and sharing online. More samplers will be loaded as stories are finished.

Click here to read The Butterfly Diaries Samplers.

Read excerpts from…

Emerging from the Past Transformed: Raewyn Alexander’s creative essay about Mary’s Journey

Enough Angels: Owen Bullock’s haibun (a prose-poetry cross) about Sean’s journey

Breathe and Breathe and Breathe: Phoebe Wright’s short story about Brad’s journey.

The Butterfly Diaries is proudly produced by CMHRT as part of their Community Treasure Chest resources on the Engage Aotearoa website. 

Study Looks at Experiences with Antidepressants in NZ

Have your say on your experience of taking antidepressants

Have you been prescribed an antidepressant in the past five years?

A team of university researchers is keen to see what you have to say about a number of things related to your experiences with these types of medications.

The researchers, from The University of Auckland’s Department of Psychology, are for the first time surveying New Zealanders on their antidepressant use.

Anyone who has been prescribed antidepressant medication in the last five years is eligible to take part in the survey, even if they are no longer taking them. And, if you have been prescribed antidepressants but decided not to take them, you are also encouraged to take part.

The research team hopes that at least 1,000 people will take part in the anonymous online survey, which they have called: Views and Experiences of Antidepressants in New Zealand

A parallel survey of GPs is being conducted by a PhD student associated with the research team, seeking doctors’ views about depression and antidepressants.

Peter Bullimore on Take It From Us: 6 December 2011

On Tuesday 6 December Take It From Us carries an exclusive interview with UK-based Peter Bullimore, an inspiring ambassador for mental health recovery. His psychiatric record may chill your spine, however, today he promotes mutual support and self help methods based on his own hard fought recovery.

Tune in @ 12.30pm every Tuesday, PlanetFM104.6. Remember Take It From Us is live on the web at www.planetaudio.org.nz/takeitfromus (type in the search box or click on Listen Live). You can also listen later on www.likeminds.org.nz if you want to catch up with any of the latest four shows.

Seeking 2nd Generation LGBT Asian Kiwis for Documentary

Notable Pictures is working on a new documentary series, Both Worlds, and currently looking for potential stories for the show, ( for 1.5 or 2 generation of Asian Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual or transgender) on 1.5 and 2nd generation kiwis (who moved to NZ while they were teenagers or younger), who are aged between approximately 15 – 35 years old

They’ll be someone with an interesting story, who’d be good on camera as they’ll need to sustain a full half hour episode. They need to clearly be straddling two worlds and preferably have some kind of big event coming up in their lives that they’d be open to sharing on television. For example, a wedding, making their debut in a stage show, their band is putting out their first album, they’re looking for a husband / wife in an unusual way, they’re really active in their community or other organisations such as Rainbow Youth, Shakti, Greenpeace… they may be politically active, a sports person, maybe their relatives from their home country are moving over here or coming for a visit and they haven’t seen them in a long time and now live quite different lives. Or they’re about to start at a new school. Unexpected stories will be the most interesting. Below is a little brief, if you or someone you know might be interested, let me know and feel free to pass on this email.

BOTH WORLDS is a 10 part documentary series to screen on New Zealand broadcaster TV3, exploring personal stories of 1.5 and 2nd generation New Zealanders. Our cameras will spend time with one person per episode, tapping into the concerns, hopes and fears this generation faces, as they try to balance their lives with a foot in two worlds, that of their cultural heritage and their Kiwi identity.

Giving the series a 21st century twist, we’ll also give participants a small and flexible handycam so they may record their thoughts, feelings and opinions as well as providing perspective on life within their community.

Do you know anyone in your community who is 1.5 or 2nd generation, with a great story to tell that fits into the Both Worlds brief? If so, we’d love to hear from them with a view to having them contribute to our innovative new show.

Phone: 09 973 5731 / 021 116 2659 or email angelique@notablepictures.com

North Shore Peer Support Work Opportunity

Mental Health Peer Support Worker

Based on the North Shore & Rodney, Auckland

Are you looking for an exciting role where you can make a difference using your personal experience of mental ill health and recovery? If the answer is yes, then this might be the job for you!

Connect: Supporting Recovery is an innovative, entrepreneurial organisation that sits at the cutting edge of values-based mental health and AOD services.  The successful candidates will be based within the Reach Out service on the North Shore where we deliver Peer Support to people living on the North Shore and in Rodney.

Peer support is a challenging role, which requires tenacity, resilience and a sense of humour.  It is also a rewarding role where you can use your own experience of recovery from mental ill health to make a difference in the lives of others.  As role model and peer, you will be inspiring hope through sharing your own story of recovery with those who are looking at moving towards different choices and options in their lives.

The role of Peer Support Worker will require of you to build a relationship with others based on a common and shared experience of mental distress.   The relationship fosters mutual learning and growth and is strongly focused on supporting people to make positive changes in their lives.

They are looking for someone who:

  • Has strong cultural competencies in working within different cultures including working with youth and Maori.
  • Is mature, patient and respectful.
  • Has experienced mental distress and recovery themselves and can be a role model to others.
  • Has good communication and active listening skills
  • Hangs in there when the going gets tough – is resilient and assertive.
  • Is a critical and reflective thinker with strong self awareness
  • Is able to work independently and as part of a supportive team.
  • Can multitask and is flexible
  • Have a full driver’s license and access to their own vehicle.
  • Has computer skills (especially e-mail and word processing).

If you are interested in the above position, please send your expression of interest and CV to the following address:

The Administrator

PO Box 102149

North Shore Mail Centre 0745

Or via email to: admin@connectsr.org.nz

Applications close at 11am on Friday 2 December 2011. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.