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LGBTTI Wellness and Suicide Symposium 27 Feb 2013

Research indicates that LGBTTI youth have significantly higher rates of both suicide and mental health problems. These problems often extend into their adult lives and in to old age. Such problems are typically the result of stigmatisation, bullying, trauma, and isolation. All of which can be tackled by both community and agency responses.

What will the Symposium do about this problem?

The Symposium will focus on three things.

  1. First, it will talk about the evidence, why this is an issue, and why we should respond; it will raise people’s awareness of the problem.
  2. Secondly, it will show how this affects people’s lives now, for both youth and adults, and talk about what mental health and wellness means for the LGBTTI community.
  3. Thirdly, it will ask the community (through the Symposium) to present ideas and suggest responses from the community to which individuals, groups, organisations, and government agencies can respond and support.

Who should attend?

Anyone from the LGBTTI community is encouraged to attend, but the Symposium is also for professionals and organisations that provide a service or support LGBTTI people. The Symposium has been subsidised by ADHB to encourage widespread attendance and contributions.

Further information is available from:

Robert Ford

021 985 965

or Michael Stevens

027 703 7220

The Symposium has been organised and is supported by Auckland District Health Board, OUTline NZ, Mental Health Foundation, Rainbow Youth, and Affinity Services.

RSVP by 15th February 2013!

To register contact
Lorraine Coelho, Suicide Prevention Coordinator 
Phone: 630 9943 Ext 26408
Email: lcoelho@adhb.govt.nz

New Online Feedback Service: Reo Ora Health Voice

This online community allows people from Auckland and across New Zealand to tell the Auckland District Health Board about your experiences of their services and let them know what you think about other health topics. They also agree to receive invitations from us to do short online surveys or join discussion groups.

The surveys and discussions are important, and the feedback they get helps them make the best decisions about their services and how we spend the health dollar.

Your feedback can be anonymous if you want it to be – just don’t tell them your full name! See the privacy policy on the website if you want more information about how they will and will not use your feedback.

You can unsubscribe at any time and you only take part if you are interested and have the time.

You can read more at www.healthvoice.org.nz

If you would like a link to place on your website, or other information please email sarahd@adhb.govt.nz .