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SPARX e-Therapy Game goes Live

SPARX is an online e-therapy tool provided by the University of Auckland, as an initiative of the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project. SPARX helps young people learn skills to deal with feeling down, depressed or stressed.  The effectiveness of SPARX has been proven to be as good as standard care in a Randomised Control Trial undertaken by the University of Auckland. It could help you or people you know.


Invisible Voices: The experience of young carers living with a parent who experiences mental illness.


Have you had experience of caring for a parent with mental illness?
Have you had experience of caring for a sibling or siblings due to a parent’s experience of mental illness?
Would you be able to volunteer around one and a half hours of your time to take part in an individual interview, to talk about your experiences?
Interviews can take place locally in an environment suitable to you. Your confidentiality and that of your family will be respected at every stage of this study.

“My name is Karen Merrett. I am a Masters of Social Work student at Auckland University, currently undertaking my thesis. I’d like to hear the stories of young carers of parents who experience mental illness, with the aim of improving services to young carers and their families. Please contact me directly on 027 471 7394. If you leave your details, I’ll contact you to talk about the study.”


Survey Open: NZ Study Explores Experiences of Antipsychotic Medication

The Experiences of Antipsychotic Medication Survey is now open for responses from NZ adults over 18 who take or have taken antipsychotic medication.

Find out more at www.teamstudy.co.nz

A full Participant Information Sheet is available on the website.

Please share this invitation to take part with your networks.



Miriam Larsen-Barr
Ph: 09 373 7599 ext 86890
Email: mbar114@aucklanduni.ac.nz


Registrations are open for the 5th Addiction Research Symposium on 14 March in Christchurch

Registrations are open for the 5th Addiction Research Symposium on 14 March in Christchurch, organised by the University of Auckland, University of Otago and Victoria University of Wellington, with support from Matua Raki. This is an opportunity for New Zealand addiction researchers and research students to meet, share their work and discuss issues of common interest.

When: 14 March 2014 9:00 am—5:00 pm
Where: Beaven Lecture Theatre (7th floor), 2 Riccarton Ave, University of Otago, Christchurch

For further Information:
Contact Matua Raki project leader Klare Braye, or register your attendance below.

Free Public Lectures at University of Auckland in September 2013

The Faculty of Arts is offering a series of free public lectures at the University of Auckland in September.  These lectures cover topics in Classical and Ancient History, Philosophy, Media, Film Studies, Archaeology and Poetry.

Making a Living in the Ancient Greek World
Inaugural lecture, Professor Matthew Trundle

This lecture explores the economies of ancient Greece through the study of money (in all its forms) and its uses.  In particular, it looks at the reasons for and the implications that monetisation had for Classic Greek Society.

Read more about the lecture

Tuesday 17 September, 6pm, Library Theatre B10, Alfred Street, The University of Auckland.


  Ethics for Possible Futures
Inaugural Lecture, Professor Tim Mulgan

What do we owe to people living in the distant future? How might their ethical thinking differ from ours? What ethical tools should we leave behind?  This lecture will explore these questions, by first asking how we might justify ourselves to people living in different possible futures.  Professor Tim Mulgan will discuss a broken future damaged by climate change or other disasters, and a virtual future where human beings have retreated from the natural world entirely.

Read more about the lecture

Wednesday 18 September, 6pm, Old Government House Lecture Theatre, The University of Auckland.


(Un)happy families: The Murdoch, Fairfax and Packer media dynasties
Inaugural Lecture, Professor Bridget Griffen-Foley

As the old media struggles to adapt to the new, the traditional spectre of the family media dynasty is also under threat.  This lecture will consider the past, present and future of the Australian media industry’s first families.

Read more about the lecture

Thursday 19 September, 6.30pm, Old Government House Lecture Theatre, The University of Auckland.


The Unfilmable: Cinema’s Spectres
Inaugural Lecture, Professor Laurence Simmons

If viewing a film is not to be simply synonymous with deciphering or even interpretation, then is must inevitably encounter the question of the unfilmable. In his lecture, Professor Simmons will explore the complex implications of the unfilmable within the viewing of film as it’s resource. It will be argued that the cinematic image is always present and yet never simply present: for it contains rolled up within it, virtual dimensions of pastness and futurity.

Read more about the lecture

Monday 23 September, 6pm, Library Theatre B10, Alfred Street, The University of Auckland.


Exploring an Ancient Maya City in Central America
Professor Norman Hammond, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge University

The cities of the Ancient Maya vanished under the Central American jungle more than a thousand years ago; over the past 170 years many of them have been rediscovered and explored, bringing this most accomplished of Pre-Columbian civilisations back into public knowledge.  La Milpa, in northwestern Belize, is one of those cities most recently investigated.   This lecture will explore how La Milpa’s rapid rise, sudden fall, and complex urban structures have shed new light on the precariousness of Maya existence.

Read more about the lecture

Tuesday 24 September, 6.30pm, Library Theatre B15, Alfred Street, The University of Auckland.


Authentic Local: an illustrated autobiographical sample of an itinerant local’s pursuits in poetry and art.
VC Distinguished Visitor, Pam Brown (Australian Poet)

Australian poet, Pam Brown will present a chronological record of publication covering her life-in-poetry and art over the last four decades. Pam has published 17 books of poetry and prose, 10 chapbooks and an e-book.

Read more about the lecture

Thursday 26 September, 6.30pm, Old Government House Lecture Theatre, The University of Auckland.

Career Workshops at University of Auckland Tamaki Campus

University of Auckland
Building 740 Room 233.

Career workshops for students.

Friday 26 July

How to find a job
1.30-2.30, 740-233

Online networking and social media
2.30-3.30, 740-233

Friday 2 August

Marketing yourself: Creating your CV
1.30-2.30, 740-233

Performing well at Interviews
2.30-3.30, 740-233

Study Explores Guided Mindfulness Meditation and Physical Activity on Mood and Brain Functioning

Invitation to Participate

Exploring Guided Mindfulness Meditation and Physical Activity on Mood and Brain Functioning


Researchers from the University of Auckland’s psychology department would like to invite you to participate in a study exploring the connections between guided mindfulness meditation and physical activity. This information may be useful in developing materials and aids that will help individuals achieve a more balanced lifestyle. This research is being undertaken by Tamasin Taylor, as fulfilment of the requirements of a Ph.D (Health Psychology) degree at the University of Auckland.

The researchers are inviting people who have had zero or minimal experience of mindfulness meditation experience. There are three activities in this study that will involve your participation. The total amount of time required by you will be 5.5 hours over three weeks plus travelling time. Entry into a prize draw of $100 will be offered to participants who complete the study as a token of our appreciation for the time and effort contributed to this project.The involvement includes three activities:

1)     You will be asked to attend a five day course of 20-minutes of either guided mindfulness meditation or physical activity sessions (condition allocated to you by the researcher). The sessions will be held at the University of Auckland city campus, times to be allocated.

2)     You will be asked to complete two simple computer tasks at the University of Auckland city campus hsb building on two days (1- week apart).

3)     You will be asked to complete two general psychological wellbeing questionnaires via an internet link over the three-week study period. These will take approximately 15 minutes each to complete.

If you are interested in participating or finding out more about the study, please email t.taylor@auckland.ac.nz, or phone/text: 027 2435 198.


UN Youth Declaration Conference 24 – 17 April 2013: Registrations Close 9 March

The UN Youth Declaration is a four day national conference for secondary school students. It gives young leaders the opportunity to voice their opinions and contribute to public policy making in New Zealand. Through mutual dialogue, participants will be driven to examine their own beliefs while developing a respect for differing points of view.

Youth Declaration 2013 is a chance for young New Zealanders to use their voice and influence national decision-making. High school students from across the country are invited to attend a four day youth summit to discuss public policy issues such as education, gender, foreign affairs and health.The outcome of the conference is a document, a ‘Declaration’, consisting of statements outlining the views of New Zealand youth. This Declaration is then received by Members of Parliament, Non-Governmental Organisations and local leaders. The Youth Declaration has, in the past, been received by the Governor General, Labour Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Hon Phil Goff, Auckland Councillor Michael Goudie and Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres.

Packed with renowned experts, intelligible speakers, social events and a community outreach programme, Youth Declaration 2013 is an opportunity not to be missed!

  • April 24th, 2013 9:00 AM   through   April 27th, 2013 11:00 PM
  • University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Apply to Participate!

Youth Declaration 2013 conference is for high school student participants. High school students can apply to be a PARTICIPANT online here: http://unyouth.org.nz/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=109

  • Participant applications close on 9 March 2013.
  • The conference cost is $80 for Participants. This cost includes all food and photocopying at the conference. Participants will need to supply own pens and notepaper. Scholarships are available to help make the conference accessible.

University students are also needed to help facilitate the conference.

Facilitator registrations at: http://unyouth.org.nz/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=110

Contact: JONATHAN GEE Youth Declaration 2013 Education Officer

M +64 21 2074132 | E  jonathan.gee@unyouth.org.nz | W www.unyouth.org.nz


Public Workshop: The Psychology of Psychosis 15 Feb 2012

Public Workshop: Professor John Read


  • Friday, February 15th 2013
  • 9.30 – 4.30
  • Tamaki Innovation Campus, The University of Auckland, Building 721; room 201

Professor John Read’s last workshop in New Zealand before returning to the UK will summarise the latest research on the psycho-social causes of madness and the efficacy of psychological treatment approaches. John will be joined by clinical psychologist Jeremy Clark (St Luke’s First Episode Psychosis team); expert-by-experience Debra Lampshire (Auckland DHB and University of Auckland) and Dr Melissa Taitimu (Clinical psychologist) who will focus on the practical implications and applications of the research.

This free workshop is intended as a ‘thank you’ to all those in the mental health community who support the Clinical Psychology programme in various ways.

It is also open to everyone interested in improving services for people who hear voices or have very unusual beliefs.

Please RSVP to Sheryl Robertson, s.robertson@auckland.ac.nz by 1st February 2013

Morning tea and coffee will be provided. Lunch by own arrangement. There are cafes on campus.

Free Education Workshop about Arthritis, Pain and Exercise 1 August 2012

Exercise Rehabilitation Clinic – Arthritis, Pain and Exercise

Free education workshop at The University of Auckland Clinics, aimed at those with polymyalgia rheumatic, osteoarthritis and gout.

  • Wednesday 1 August, 10-12.30pm
  • Building 730, level 2, Room 220, Gate 1, 261 Morrin Road, Glen Innes

The University of Auckland Clinics’ Exercise Rehabilitation Clinic, in conjunction with Arthritis New Zealand, is presenting a seminar designed to help you learn about the different types of arthritis and how exercise can assist their management.

Please book by phoning 923 2139 or emailing exrehab@auckland.ac.nz by 30 July 2012.

Exercise Rehabilitation Team

Gate 5, Building 751, Merton Road

Email: exrehab@auckland.ac.nz

Website: www.clinics.auckland.ac.nz/ourgym