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Keep Learning with the Updated Online Resources Pack

In support of this year’s Mental-Health Awareness week theme, ‘Keep Learning’, the team at Engage Aotearoa have added two new pages of links to the Online Resources Pack for you to explore. Find new online sources of distraction/entertainment, self-help tools, information, support and recovery stories – and keep learning for Mental-Health Awareness Week and beyond.

Click here to browse and save a copy of the updated file

New links include…

  • All Right Canterbury
  • Beyond Meds
  • Coming Off
  • Conversations that Matter
  • Depression is Not Your Destiny
  • Everybody
  • Guide to Psychology and its Practice
  • Intervoice
  • Like Minds, Like Mine
  • Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse NZ
  • Mental Health News Hub
  • Mind Share
  • Open Culture
  • Reasons to Go on Living
  • Recovery Notes
  • SPARX CBT Computer Game
  • Support for Parents of Suicidal Teens
  • Support Page for Anxiety Depression and Mental Illness
  • The Depression Center 4.0
  • The Peaceful Parent
  • Worry Wise Kids

Find more Recovery Information Packs on the Engage Aotearoa website.


Eleanor Longden Shares Experience of Learning to Live Well with Voices at TED2013

Eleanor Longden has come a long way since she was a university student and first started hearing a voice that narrated everything she did back to her in the third person.

She recently gave a talk at a TED conference, which has been shared all over Facebook this week. Eleanor is now working with InterVoice to raise awareness of voice hearing as a meaningful experience to be understood rather than something to be feared.

In one of the online threads afterwards, a Twitter user asks: Did you hear voices during your talk?

Eleanor Longden replies: Yes, they reminded me of parts of the talk I forgot.

Watch the Youtube Video Here – Eleanor Longden: Learning from the Voices in My Head.

Can’t watch the video for some reason? Read a great summary in this blog.