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Keep Learning with the Updated Online Resources Pack

In support of this year’s Mental-Health Awareness week theme, ‘Keep Learning’, the team at Engage Aotearoa have added two new pages of links to the Online Resources Pack for you to explore. Find new online sources of distraction/entertainment, self-help tools, information, support and recovery stories – and keep learning for Mental-Health Awareness Week and beyond.

Click here to browse and save a copy of the updated file

New links include…

  • All Right Canterbury
  • Beyond Meds
  • Coming Off
  • Conversations that Matter
  • Depression is Not Your Destiny
  • Everybody
  • Guide to Psychology and its Practice
  • Intervoice
  • Like Minds, Like Mine
  • Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse NZ
  • Mental Health News Hub
  • Mind Share
  • Open Culture
  • Reasons to Go on Living
  • Recovery Notes
  • SPARX CBT Computer Game
  • Support for Parents of Suicidal Teens
  • Support Page for Anxiety Depression and Mental Illness
  • The Depression Center 4.0
  • The Peaceful Parent
  • Worry Wise Kids

Find more Recovery Information Packs on the Engage Aotearoa website.


Changing Minds 2014 Film Festival

Changing Minds presents the 2014 Film Festival – Mad about Movies. The film festival will run during Mental Health Awareness week, 7-11 October 2014 , and will be show films each night at Academy Cinema in Auckland City.

The full programme is yet to be finalised but keep an eye out for what films will be shown!

Check out the webpage here and the Mad about Movies facebook page here.

Insatiable Moon Screens in Mental Health Awareness Week

The Insatiable Moon and Mental Health Awareness Week

Maori Television and The Insatiable Moon are proud to announce a special television
event as the climax to Mental Health Awareness Week 2012 (Oct 8 – Oct 14).

On Sunday 14th October, at 8.30pm, Maori Television will be showing The Insatiable
Moon, immediately followed by the associated documentary Lunatic: Destigmatizing
Mental Illness with Arthur of Ponsonby.

This event is being specifically hosted by Maori Television as an incentive to the general
public to ‘Take Notice’ of issues around mental health, and particularly the stigma
experienced by those with lived experience of mental distress.

The film is remarkable in being both popular and award-winning, at the same time as
exploring significant issues. It was sponsored by the Mental Health Foundation in NZ, and
the Solihull Trust in the UK. This movie has been used globally to raise awareness in the
field of mental health.

We write to ask you to take this fabulous opportunity of provoking discussion by promoting
the screening to all your supporters. With all the wonderful activities scheduled for the
week, The Insatiable Moon and Lunatic will provide a fitting conclusion, and a chance to
raise important topics for the New Zealand community.

Please don’t miss this uniquely positive portrayal of mental illness – these opportunities
come around all too rarely.

And don’t forget to support and encourage the good people at Maori Television for their
contribution to Mental Health Awareness Week.

Noho ora mai,
Mike Riddell

Theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2012

Take Notice during Mental Health Awareness Week

The Mental Health Foundation of NZ are pleased to announce that the New Zealand theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (8 – 14 October) is take time, take a breath, take notice.

Free resources are now available to order from the MHF’s  online shop, and this year’s brightly-coloured postcards (which come in packs of eight different colours) have a fun twist. They have a hole cut in them that you can look through to get a fresh perspective on the world around you, without any distractions.

The take notice posters, which come in a set of two colours (blue and brown), encourage you to open all your senses and experience the world around you.

Do you Tweet? This year, you can also tweet via the MHF website the things you stop to notice each day. You can start tweeting now so by the time October arrives you’ll be an expert at taking notice. Who knows, your observations might just go viral!

All the best with planning your activities for Mental Health Awareness Week – you can now submit your listings on the Mental Health Foundation’s What’s On calendar. And don’t forget to take a breath, take time, and take notice!

An Unmissable Mental-Health Awareness Week Event

reTHiNK Possible Worlds

We are all human beings navigating the maze of life.

Emerging and established talents from five different creative fields come together in a one hour collaborative display that is sure to leave even the most cynical amongst us uplifted.

A cross-genre collaboration of ambitious proportions – Dance, live music, performance poetry, visual art and film are interwoven to tell the powerful story of multiple characters as they navigate their way out of mental unwellness and rethink their possible worlds.

Get your tickets now!


Only three chances to see the show across two days during Mental Health Awareness Week

  • 8:00 – 10:00 pm Friday October 14th |
  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm Saturday October 15th |
  • 5:00 – 7:00 pm Saturday October 15th 

At Galatos, Main Room, 17 Galatos Street, Auckland Central

Tickets just $10 from The Literatti’s website, with limited door sales available for each session.

Take the Facebook Quiz to find out which reTHiNK character YOU are! 

Fiesta In The Park: 8 October 2011

An exciting event to kick off Mental Health Awareness in the heart of Auckland City!  Music, entertainment, food and good old fashioned fun for the whole family!

And don’t forget to check out the Facbook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fiesta-in-the-Park/201107646622637