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Health Promotion Agency Launches “Don’t Know? Don’t Drink” Campaign

The Health Promotion Agency launched a new campaign called “Don’t Know? Don’t Drink” on the 14th June. The Campaign, which will run until September, aims to raise awareness about the effects of alcohol during early pregnancy and ultimately reduce rates of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in New Zealand.

“Don’t Know? Don’t Drink” encourages women to stop drinking alcohol if there is any chance they could be pregnant because alcohol can affect a developing baby throughout pregnancy, including before a woman knows she is pregnant. There is no known safe amount and no known safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy.

Watch the first “Don’t Know? Don’t Drink” video here

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of FASD here

Eleanor Longden Shares Experience of Learning to Live Well with Voices at TED2013

Eleanor Longden has come a long way since she was a university student and first started hearing a voice that narrated everything she did back to her in the third person.

She recently gave a talk at a TED conference, which has been shared all over Facebook this week. Eleanor is now working with InterVoice to raise awareness of voice hearing as a meaningful experience to be understood rather than something to be feared.

In one of the online threads afterwards, a Twitter user asks: Did you hear voices during your talk?

Eleanor Longden replies: Yes, they reminded me of parts of the talk I forgot.

Watch the Youtube Video Here – Eleanor Longden: Learning from the Voices in My Head.

Can’t watch the video for some reason? Read a great summary in this blog.

Learn a Waiata on Youtube

Do you wish you knew the words to join in singing waiata at events?

Here are a few clips from Youtube to get you started with some of the classics…