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New Mental Health Book Reviews and Research from Psychosis online

Latest book reviews and research from the journal Psychosis.

Book Review: The bitterest pills: the troubling story of antipsychotic drugs
Jeremy Wallace
Psychosis, iFirst, Published online: 07 Jan 2014

Book Review: Demons in the age of light: a memoir of psychosis and recovery
Lou Rawcliffe
Psychosis, iFirst, Published online: 18 Feb 2014

Book Review: Learning From the Voices in my Head
David Ward
Psychosis, iFirst, Published online: 18 Sep 2013

Jumping to conclusions: the association between delusional ideation and reasoning biases in a healthy student population
Karen Cafferkey, Jamie Murphy & Mark Shevlin
Psychosis, iFirst, Published online: 23 Dec 2013

The other side of “madness”: frequencies of positive and ambivalent attitudes towards prominent positive symptoms in psychosis
Steffen Moritz, Liz Rietschel, Ruth Veckenstedt, Francesca Bohn, Brooke C. Schneider, Tania M. Lincoln & Anne Karow
Psychosis, iFirst, Published online: 07 Dec 2013

The origins of voices: links between life history and voice hearing in a survey of 100 cases
Dirk Corstens & Eleanor Longden
Psychosis, iFirst, Published online: 09 Sep 2013

Eleanor Longden Shares Experience of Learning to Live Well with Voices at TED2013

Eleanor Longden has come a long way since she was a university student and first started hearing a voice that narrated everything she did back to her in the third person.

She recently gave a talk at a TED conference, which has been shared all over Facebook this week. Eleanor is now working with InterVoice to raise awareness of voice hearing as a meaningful experience to be understood rather than something to be feared.

In one of the online threads afterwards, a Twitter user asks: Did you hear voices during your talk?

Eleanor Longden replies: Yes, they reminded me of parts of the talk I forgot.

Watch the Youtube Video Here – Eleanor Longden: Learning from the Voices in My Head.

Can’t watch the video for some reason? Read a great summary in this blog.