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Philip Patston’s TedX Talk About Labels Available Online

In 2012 diversity activist Philip Patston gave a talk on the topic of labels at the TedX Auckland event. Earlier this July, The NZ Herald uploaded Patston’s TedX Talk to their website.

You can watch it here.

“Philip Patston is best recognised for his ten-year career as a comedian and entertainer, but it’s his passion for social change that is getting him noticed. An alumni of the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship, Philip is a passionate believer that we have a powerful opportunity to reimagine diversity. His focus is on engaging people to achieve positive social change by reinventing the labels with which we categorise ourselves and each other.”

Help Kiwi Kids Celebrate Diversity: Crowd-Sourcing Social Change

My Friend is a Superhero! is a children’s book about Jack, who uses a wheelchair, told by his friend, who sees all the amazing things Jack can do.  Written by Philip Patston and Barbara Pike, and illustrated by Sam Orchard, the book’s purpose is to influence children (and their parents) away from negative stereotypes, as well as portraying unique aspects of function and experience to encourage children’s natural curiosity.

The My Friend is a Superhero! PledgeMe campaign is to raise money to print 1000 copies of My Friend Is A Superhero. Duffy Books in Homes have agreed to distribute 500 of these to lower-decile schools throughout New Zealand – a very worthwhile cause.  The rest of the books will be available as rewards and for sale. Any profit will go towards a further reprint of the book.

There are some great rewards available for your donations, but even $5 would be very much appreciated and definitely count towards achieving the goal.  Please also feel free to spread the word via email or social media.

You can go here to donate: https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/828

Controversy After Lifehack Launched: New Youth E-Health Project

The Ministry of Social Development launched a new youth mental-health initiative on the 28th of Feb – a youth-led e-health project.

Life Hack says they are “assembling a crack team of hipsters, hackers and hustlers…” Called Lifehackers. “The Mavericks and trailblazers, who don’t let a hurdle stop them, the ones who make things happen.” “…Together they’ll use their sweet skills to create new technologies and media solutions to tackle young New Zealanders’ mental health issues head on.”

Explore the newly launched Lifehack Website to find out more about the project and how youth can get involved.

In Lifehack: the youth mental wellness answer or a well-meaning quick fix? diversity consultant Philip Patston describes Lifehack as “a technology incubater run by (my words) well-meaning happiness evangelists and tech geeks, hell-bent on the idea that the answer to better youth mental health is to play more, say, “Yahoo!” and download an app.” He goes on to post two videos that reveal the Life Hack ad bears striking similarities to a Coca Cola ad, sharing unrealistic images of perfect bodies having sun-filled fun.

Comments on Facebook question the wisdom of investing so much money in a project that only some youth will directly participate in, instead of addressing the funding shortages in the primary mental-health sector. Others question the approach of gathering happy, successful people to tell other kids how to be happy, rather than seeking out youth with lived experiences and empowering them to lead the charge.  One person suggests “as far as i know and i have yrs of experience w mental health issues, assistance and understanding, the best thing for people is tailored to individuals first of all, works with people who trust each other and rarely does any technology take the place of another well-trained, decent human being.

Engage Aotearoa director, Miriam Larsen-Barr, comments “E-resources can be really useful, but in my opinion we really need more on-the-ground resources at the moment, more access to therapy and real-life support. Hopefully Lifehack can attract the right kind of young people with genuine intention, who are able to create something that has a life beyond the web. Computers really can’t replace human contact, meaning and belonging. That’s why all of our e-resources are designed to help people engage with their communities and support options.

Lifehack needs young people who have experienced mental-health problems to get involved and make sure that the initiative goes in the right direction!

Listen to Philip Patston on Take it From Us 7 August 2012

On Take It From Us Tuesday 7 August, hear Philip Patston, creative and social entrepreneur, on his specialities of diversity, creativity and change, and how they impact mental health, recovery and wellness. Philip will address discrimination as well as his experiences as a comedian, social worker, counselor and diversity activist.

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