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Acclaim Otago Launches Independent ACC survey

As a support group for injured people, Acclaim Otago is concerned that there is very little in the way of current and independent data available that accurately describes aspects of an injured person’s experience with ACC.

Acclaim Otago’s president, Dr Denise Powell says, “This is especially obvious when talking about rehabilitation and Vocational Independence. We are hearing anecdotally, that people are being exited from ACC without first receiving meaningful rehabilitation”.

ACC has recently said that “rehabilitation always comes first” but Dr Powell says “We have no simple way of finding out if this is correct or not. ACC does not currently keep data that identifies what happens once a person exits the scheme and we believe that is a huge gap. This survey aims to find out what happens to people who are clients of ACC.”

“We hope to use the survey results to make recommendations that will substantially improve the experience of injured people in New Zealand. We believe any improvements we can identify to the scheme will benefit not just the ACC and their clients, but potentially generations of New Zealanders to come” Dr Powell states.

The survey can be found at

Survey About Treatment of Sexual Abuse Victims by ACC

ACC “cold blooded” to victims

by Off the Couch: Kyle MacDonald on June 18, 2012

This post appeared as an article in the Sunday Star Times on Sunday the 17th of June, 2012: click here for the original

A survey around sensitive claims and the treatment of sexual abuse victims has raised more questions about the Accident Compensation Corporation…(Click here for the rest of this blog post)

ACC Threatens Blogger with Legal Action

Legal row over ACC blogger

from Off the Couch: Kyle MacDonald on April 15, 2012. This article appeared on the Stuff website on Sunday the 15th, 2012.

A senior medical officer in ACC’s sensitive claims unit has made legal threats to a blogger who posted information about his employment history, in the wake of a mass privacy breach.

Peter Dodwell, the branch medical advisor of the unit that deals with rape and abuse victims, was fired from his previous job in Australia over a privacy issue.

Both Dodwell and ACC’s senior medical advisor, Peter Jansen, have threatened legal action against blogger Kyle Macdonald, a psychotherapist who regularly speaks out against the corporation… (Click here for the rest of this blogpost)