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Child Matters 2014 training calendar

Child Matters is a registered charitable trust dedicated to preventing harm to children in New Zealand.

Child Matters provides guidance, advice, education and support to those in a position to act to protect children. Their training and education programmes provide adults with essential skills, and just as importantly the confidence, to intervene when a child needs help.

Find the 2014 programme here:


Family Works North Shore Offer Safe Space for Youth affected by Violence or Abuse

Counselling Service for Children and Young People

FamilyWorks North Shore has a qualified and trained team who are able to offer a safe space for children and young people who have been affected by abuse, including those who have witnessed family violence. The team can travel across the North Shore and are available from Monday to Friday. Please call Tania on 4482633 for further details or to request a brochure.

Call for Govt Recognition of Past Abuse in Psychiatric Institutions

Sign the on-line petition: An Acknowledgment of historic injustice against former patients of NZ psychiatric hospitals

Between July 2005 and April 2007 a Confidential Forum was held for former In-patients of psychiatric hospitals. Over 400 former patients spoke about their experiences. The final report of the Confidential Forum Te Aiotonga (2007, available from the Department of Internal Affairs) outlines the themes that emerged including occurrences of physical violence and sexual misconduct; and de-humanising environments. The report remains formally unacknowledged by the government.

A United Nations report on New Zealand’s compliance with the UN convention against torture in 2009 recommended that the NZ government should take appropriate measures to ensure that allegations of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment in the “historic cases” are investigated promptly and impartially, perpetrators duly prosecuted, and the victims accorded redress, including adequate compensation and rehabilitation.”

Phoenix Group, a Wellington group of people who have experienced mental distress are using the publicity surrounding the release of Jim Marbrook’s Mental Notes to call on the government to make a formal apology.

How can you help? 

Print this postcard and send it to parliament – and give a copy to a friend so they can do the same. Postage is free. 

confidential forum protest postcard for print

And share this notice around!


Ma te whakatau, ka mohio

When we are shown, we come to know

Ma te mohio, ka marama

When we know, we come to understand

Ma te marama, ka ora ai tatou

When we understand, we all achieve wellness