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Research Articles available from Taylor and Francis Online

Here are some notable Research Articles available from Taylor and Francis Online:

“Schizophrenia” in the Australian print and online news media
Belinda Cain, Roseanne Currie, Eleanor Danks, Fiona Du, Erica Hodgson, Jennifer May, Kirsty O’Loghlen, Yen Phan, Jennifer Powter, Nayab Rizwan, Shazmi Shahim, Dominique Simsion, Steve Loughnan & Nick Haslam
Pages: 97-106

Delusional disorders: Prevalence in two socially differentiated neighborhoods of Barcelona
Jorge L. Tizón, Noemí Morales, Jordi Artigue, Yanet Quijada, Conxita Pérez, Francesc Pareja & Manel Salamero
Pages: 107-116

Psychosis and poverty: Coping with poverty and severe mental illness in everyday life
Alain Topor, Gunnel Andersson, Anne Denhov, Miss Sara Holmqvist, Maria Mattsson, Claes-Göran Stefansson & Per Bülow
Pages: 117-127

Family intervention for psychosis: Impact of training on clinicians’ attitudes, knowledge and behaviour
Jacqueline Sin, Steven Livingstone, Maria Griffiths & Catherine Gamble
Pages: 128-142

Developmental pathway to paranoia is mediated by negative self-concept and experiential avoidance
Alisa Udachina & Richard P. Bentall
Pages: 143-154

Metacognitive Narrative Psychotherapy for people diagnosed with schizophrenia: An outline of a principle-based treatment manual
Rebecca Bargenquast & Robert Schweitzer
Pages: 155-165

Avatar therapy for persecutory auditory hallucinations: What is it and how does it work?
Julian Leff, Geoffrey Williams, Mark Huckvale, Maurice Arbuthnot & Alex P. Leff
Pages: 166-176