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Recovery Info Packs

The information packs below are designed to help you make sense of mental health and plot your path towards recovery. Just click on the link to read each info pack and download the print-versions to share.

NOTE: This page is currently being updated and many of the resources have been removed for review.

What Is Mental Illness?

Learn more about what is meant by the term ‘Mental Illness’ and how to understand mental-health problems in hopeful, holistic terms.

What Is Recovery? 

Learn more about the recovery process and how to make sense of the word moving forward.

Online Resources Pack

Find links to online sources of entertainment/interest, support groups and networks, mental-health information, self-help websites, smart phone apps, and recovery stories.

Resilience Skills

Learn about different practices and strategies that create positive experiences of mental health and wellbeing and build our resilience to stress and distress.

Under Review…

Overcoming Anxiety

Learn more about the process of recovering from problems with anxiety and find tips to share with your supporters. 

Parents Online Resources Pack

Find links to online resources for parents who are looking for some tips on how to help their children understand and cope with anger, anxiety, depression and other mental-health problems. Last updated: 30/3/2014

Recovery With CBT 

Find out more about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) with this brief personal perspective of one older woman’s experience of using CBT to recover from Bipolar Disorder and suicidal urges.

Supporting Recovery

An information pack for people supporting someone who experiences mental-health problems.


Supporting Someone who is Suicidal

If you are worried about someone you care about might be suicidal, this information pack is for you. Here you will find a summary of tips for supporters from four Kiwis who have made it through the experience of being suicidal.

Surviving Suicidal Urges

In The Butterfly Diaries Vol. 1, four Kiwi’s share their true stories of surviving the experience of being suicidal. This resource collects together a summary of each storyteller’s recovery strategies. If you are feeling suicidal, this information pack is for you. Visit The Butterfly Diaries Vol. 1 to order a copy of the full book.

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