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Ask-Share-Give: New Community Website Launched

Five weeks ago a new not-for-profit website was launched where people can share their time, skills, transport or old and unwanted goods with each other.

The idea behind AskShareGive is that people are able to go on the website and create a listing in which they outline what they have to offer.  It could be anything from volunteering an hour a week of dog walking, weeding a garden, helpwith administration, building or anything at all. Just as you can offer your services you can also ask someone for what they are offering or create a listing asking for something you would like or need, be it help in the garden, befriending or budgeting advise to asking for an item that’s needed such as clothes, appliances or toys.

For people recovering from a mental-health problem volunteering time to someone else can be highly validating.  People are only too grateful to receive help with something and sometimes this can lead to friendships, paid employment or just assist someone to feel useful and a part of society. It’s also really nice to be able to get something you need from a giving person out there too.

The website boasts a friendly community coordinator who is the presence behind the site, available to answer questions and to assist in resolving any issues.

Contact Tanya, AskShareGive, Community Coordinator, Phone 0272831929 or email info@asksharegive.org.nz


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