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Mental Notes Screening and Big reTHiNK Hikoi Meeting: Glenfield 17 Feb 2013

Meet Annie Chapman and view the Mental Notes documentary on Sunday 17th Feb, Auckland as part of her One Woman Walking: Hikoi for a Big reTHiNK of Mental Healthcare Choices. 

  • WHEN: Sunday 17th February 2013 2pm to 4.30pm (please be there by 1.45pm)
  • WHERE: Connect SR, 215 Wairau Rd Glenfield


  • 2.00pm – Screening of the NZ Documentary “Mental Notes” followed by questions with the filmmaker Jim Marbrook.
  • 3.30pm – Afternoon tea
  • 3.45pm – Annie Chapman – will talk about her hikoi and the insights of her journey so far.

COST: Suggested koha of $5.00.

All funds raised will go to support Annie’s walk. Any extra funds will be donated to the Hearing Voices Network Aotearoa NZ

BOOKINGS: email info@hearingvoices.org.nz or tel Adrienne 027265 0266

Please let do RSVP if you are attending as spaces are limited.


Visit the official Facebook Page

Help spread the word – invite your friends to the Facebook Event

Hikoi for reTHiNK of Mental-Healthcare Choices Arriving in Auckland

One Woman Walking: Hikoi for a Big reTHiNK of Mental Healthcare Choices 

Annie Chapman is on a hikoi across the length of the North Island to raise awareness about the need for better mental healthcare choices to be made available to service-users in New Zealand.

I have ceased to be surprised now by how almost everyone I talk to about why I am walking has a story to tell of friends or loved ones in need, utterly failed by the mental health system.” ~ Annie Chapman, 21 December 2012

Annie Chapman will be in Auckland from the 14th – 21st February 2013 (and in fact she may arrive a few days earlier than this).

So far the Auckland events in place are:

• Saturday morning, 16th Feb, from 10 am til 12 noon at Morra Hall, Waiheke.  Note: there has been a change of venue to allow for a more formal setting.  Instead of Ostend Market as originally planned, Annie Chapman will now be at Morra Hall, Oneroa, Waiheke
• A meeting on 15th February with colleagues of Brigitte Sistig re Yoga and Depression
• A second radio interview with “Take it from Us” (Feb 19)
• A screening/talk of Jim Marbrook’s film “Mental Notes” as a fund-raiser on the 17th of February  at Connect SR in Glenfield.

If you have any questions or suggestions of other good possible places to meet, speak or be interviewed by media, please contact Annie direct on 027 4272644 or Hikoiforhealth@gmail.com

Find out more on the official Facebook Page

Help spread the wordinvite your friends to the Facebook Event

The Like Minds Big reTHiNK Film Festival 8 – 13 October 2012

A Mind Altering Film Festival – media release

Films can change the way in which people view others.  Changing Minds, an Auckland-based not for profit organisation is putting on a free Film Festival as part of the Big reTHINK for Mental Health Awareness Week (8-13 October 2012).

Changing Minds take the view that “mental illness” is something that belongs within a social context and this is something that is reflected in the festival’s programming.  “We’re told time and time again that we have a mental health crisis in New Zealand and I think it is important to remember that “mental illness” isn’t something that exists within a vacuum – there is always a wider social context.” says Tina Helm, manager of Changing Minds.

The programme will include American documentary Crooked Beauty – a truly cinematic and philosophical experience that takes the viewer on a journey through the space between trauma, madness, and brilliance.  Mental Notes will also feature – a film that has caused something of a stir throughout the country and has people asking why New Zealand hasn’t apologised for the human rights injustices of the asylum days.  A presentation and panel discussion will be held on Saturday 13th October to address the representation of “mental illness” in New Zealand cinema, with film experts: Mark Sweeny (NZ Film Archive), Jim Marbrook (film-maker Mental Notes) and Dr Dean Manley (PhD Film).

The film festival will be held across two venues – Academy Cinema and Kenneth Myers Centre and is being supported by the New Zealand Film Archive and the Waitemata Local board.  The entire programme will be available for free to ensure that there are no barriers to access for unwaged or on low income.  The full programme is yet to be released.

For updates follow the Changing Minds Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/changingminds.nz

Changing Minds provide information and advocacy services to people who experience mental health issues or addiction issues.

For more information, please contact us by emailing us on the addresses above or by calling Tina on 09 623 1763 or Campbell on 09 623 1762

Another Chance to See Mental Notes…

Acclaimed Kiwi mental health documentary returns to cinema screens

15 June 2012

Documentary Mental Notes is now returning for limited seasons at select cinemas aroundNew Zealand, after earning critical acclaim and large, enthusiastic audiences earlier this year as part of the World Cinema Showcase.

“I was really gratified with the response the film got during its handful festival screenings,” says Mental Notes’ director Jim Marbrook, who spent three years making the film. “Now I’m really looking forward to sharing the film with more New Zealanders around the country.”

The film’s audience appeal has been reflected in the enthusiastic notices it’s receivedfrom both reviewers and members of New Zealand’s mental health community.

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand chief executive Judi Clements endorses Mental Notes as a reminder “of an era that to a large extent has passed but should not be forgotten” and an illustration of how “practices that may be appropriate, or even seen as good practice, in professional terms in one era may be regarded as totally unacceptable, or even brutal, in the next”.

“Not only does Mental Notes shine a light on an important part of our national history,” agrees Miriam Larsen-Barr, a mental health promoter from Mind and Body Consultants,  “it also shines a light on our infinite capacity as human beings to endure extraordinary circumstances and go on to thrive in life.”

Toi Ora Live Art Trust manager Erwin van Asbeck describes the film as “both an intensely personal and humanely inspirational documentary”.

Taimi Allan, reTHiNK producer/director, says Mental Notes “dissolves the gap between the ‘normal’ people and those committed to an asylum … This film is a must-see for anyone who still believes people with an experience of mental illness should be locked away ‘for their own good’.”

Meanwhile, Dominion Post and Radio New Zealand, National film reviewer Graeme Tuckett recommends Mental Notes as “a stunning film: moving, funny, and – even though I hate this word – important. Go and see it.”

In the NZ Herald, Peter Calder has praised the film for its “measured, unsensationalist tone and its focus on the survivors rather than the historical horrors”, noting that “it’s not simply a catalogue of victimhood; its subjects’ stories are full of humour and hope”; while according to Onfilm’s Helen Martin, “This is a film that will resonate with so many New Zealanders.”

“It was very important to me that the film was embraced by those working in the mental health community and people whose lives have been touched by mental illness,” says Marbrook. “Ultimately, though, the goal was to make a film that didn’t just appeal to a specialised audience, so it’s fantastic Mental Notes has provento have universal appeal.


Confirmed cinema dates for Mental Notes (more to follow soon)

  • 21 June onwards – theParamount,Wellington
  • 23 June onwards – the Academy, Auckland
  • 21-22 & 25-26 June – the Metro, Dunedin
  • 1 & 5 July – the Dome, Gisborne
  • 5 July onwards – the Hollywood, Christchurch.

Mental Notes notes

  • Mental Notes was made with the financial support of the Frozen Funds Trust, a feature film finishing grant from the New Zealand Film Commission, and a reTHiNK Grant from Mind and Body Consultants.

Like Minds Newsletter

Like Minds Like Mine are happy to present you the latest Like Minds newsletter – this time they take a look at mental distress on campus, how stigma and discrimination in tertiary education can be combated and how to reduce stress and anxiety while studying.

Like Minds encourages you to participate in The Big reTHiNK and find out more about the What’s on your Plate? exhibition.

Meet Te Ariki, who talks about his journey through mental illness, and Wairarapa couple Shane Egan and Joanne Lind-Egan who tell us how they support one another.

Filmmaker Jim Marbrook shares his latest project, Mental Notes, and Like Minds mental health promoter Vaea Hutchen explains how she is helping to shift attitudes with women’s refuges in the South Island.

You are welcome to email your feedback and story ideas to likeminds@mentalhealth.org.nz and subscribe here.

Art Events Update from Toi Ora

1.    “Mental Notes” Premiere at World Cinema Showcase – Saturday 31 March 2012 at 6:00pm

“Mental Notes” is a feature-length documentary from award-winning filmmaker Jim Marbrook which weaves together testimonials of five survivors from the “very bad old days of mental health care in New Zealand”.  One of those interviewed is Toi Ora alumnus and “Blue Messiah” author Peter Finlay. “Mental Notes” premiere screening on Saturday 31 March at 6pm at Rialto Newmarket, Auckland.  “Mental Notes” at World Cinema Showcase – http://worldcinemashowcase.co.nz/mentalnotes.html. “Mental Notes” trailer – http://vimeo.com/38674385

2.    “Recent Work” by Life Drawers of Toi Ora – Thursday 5 April to Friday 4 May 2012

Toi Ora’s Thursday morning class of Face & Figure Drawing, tutored by Shannon McKewen, is a bit of an institution.  Now you get to see why with a selection of this class’s Summer term output on display in our gallery.

Opening night is on Thursday 5 April, 4pm onward at Toi Ora Gallery, 6 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn.

END OF TERM SPECIAL:  Opening night will also see the return of Toi Ora’s legendary end-of-term soirees so brace yourself for music from our house band, the inimitable Toi Ora Express, and nibbles and drinks to celebrate.

3.    Toi Ora feature in “Open Door” on TV3 – Saturday 7 April 2012 at 10:25am

Morningside Productions’ “Open Door” series turns its attention to Toi Ora – “a unique creative space in the heart of Auckland city for adults who have experienced mental illness”.  In this episode, the show meets some of the artists who have been helped to realise their artistic potential in an environment where the mental health ‘label’ is put aside.

Toi Ora “Open Door” episode screens on TV3 on Saturday 7 April at 10:25am.

4.    Extra Gentle Reminders

a.    FINAL DAYS!  MUST SEE!  Richard McConnochie and Chris Leavins’ “Paintings” exhibition at Toi Ora Gallery, Grey Lynn extended until Tuesday 3 April 2012.

a.    “What’s On Your Plate?” group exhibition with James King at Papakura Art Gallery, Papakura until Saturday 7 April 2012.

b.    Andrew Blythe “New Works” exhibition at Corban Estate Art Centre, Henderson until Sunday 15 April 2012.

Director of Mental Notes Radio Interview 27 March 2012

Mental health radio Take It From Us brings you details about the latest documentary movie about psychiatric New Zealand, which launches this Saturday. Guest Jim Marbrook, producer and director of Mental Notes, a movie about the country’s psychiatric “bins,” talks about “the bad old days of mental health care in New Zealand,”  and the stigma linked to it.

Mental Notes launches at Rialto, Newmarket, this Saturday @ 6pm.

Listen live on 104.6FM at 12.30pm or online www.planetaudio.org.nz

OR if you missed the broadcast, listen for the next seven days @: www.planetaudio.org.nz/takeitfromus

Catch up on the last four shows online: www.likeminds.org.nz

And don’t forget our new Facebook page @ Facebook.com and type take it from us in the search box; our email is takeitfromus@mail.com for any feedback and comment/suggestions for shows.

World Cinema Showcase: Mental Notes

The Like Minds, Like Mine team at Mind and Body Consultants is extremely excited to announce that Mental Notes will be screening in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch as part of the World Cinema Showcase.

Mental Notes is the latest documentary from Jim Marbrook, who received a 2011 reTHiNK Grant to help bring this powerful film to the New Zealand public.

_ _ _ _ _


Documentary gives voice to psychiatric hospital survivors

The secret, often shameful history of New Zealand’s psychiatric hospitals is laid bare in Mental Notes, a new feature-length documentary by award-winning filmmaker Jim Marbrook.

Screening as part of the upcoming World Cinema Showcase, Mental Notes is a “gently affirmative” film, according to Bill Gosden, director of the New Zealand International Film Festival.

Featuring the testimony of five survivors of the “very bad old days of mental health care in New Zealand”, it “honours their endurance and enables their stories to emerge from the shadows and leave their indelible blemishes on our social history,” says Gosden.

Jim Marbrook’s interest in the subject was prompted by earlier work he’d done with people who’d experienced mental health difficulties, much of which he drew on for his award-winning 2005 documentary Dark Horse.

“I realised there was a kind of hidden social history in the memories of those who went through our old mental institutions, colloquially called ‘the Bins’,” says Marbrook. “These stories were so strong I realised I needed to find a way of telling them.”  With a grant from the Frozen Funds Trust, Marbrook undertook a three-year odyssey during which he crisscrossed the country, visiting every ‘Bin’ ever built, ploughing through mountains of archival material, and interviewing survivors of what was an often inhumane system. The interviews, in which former patients recall their experiences with (in Gosden’s words) “dismay, disbelief and a touch of gallows humour”, form the heart of the film.

One of these survivors is Anne Helm, who observes that “for many, the path to healing is about accepting that things have happened”.  In 2005 Helm served as a panel member of a Government-appointed confidential forum for former patients that heard corroborated evidence of poor practice and abuse in the old psychiatric hospitals.

“The saddest thing about doing the Confidential Forum for me,” says Helm, “was that at the end of that process, where people gave so much of their souls, really, we made a very thorough report.

“That report was given to the Government in a real hope that there would be some formal recognition and there never has been.”

Mental Notes enables the voices of people too long ignored to finally be heard. It also provides a prism through which the success or failure of today’s mental health services can be judged.

About the World Cinema Showcase

From the organisers of the New Zealand International Film Festival, the World Cinema Showcase is an annual collaboration between the NZ Film Festival Trust and enterprising exhibitors in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch. Now in its 14th year, the Showcase screens an important mix of intelligent features and documentaries in Auckland (from 29 March), Wellington (5 April), Dunedin (19 April), and Christchurch (26 April).

World Cinema Showcase session details for Mental Notes:

  • Please note the venues in which Mental Notes is playing have limited seats, so booking tickets well in advance is advised to avoid disappointment.


→   Saturday 31 March, 6pm, Rialto Newmarket [click here to book for this session]

→   Sunday 1 April, 1:50 pm, Rialto Newmarket [click here to book for this session]

→   Monday 2 April, 11:30am, Rialto Newmarket [click here to book for this session]

→   Sunday 8 April, 4 pm, Bridgeway Cinema [click here to book for this session]


→   Friday 20 April, 12pm, Paramount Cinema [click here to book for this session]

→   Saturday 21 April, 6 pm, Paramount Cinema [click here to book for this session]


→   Monday 23 April, 6:15 pm, Regent Theatre

→   Tuesday 24 April, 11:15am, Regent Theatre [click here for Regent bookings]


→   Saturday 5 May, 5:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre

→   Monday 7 May, 12 pm, Hollywood Theatre [click here for Hollywood bookings]