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Family Violence Resource from the Office of Ethnic Affairs

Family violence speaks many languages, has many colours, and lives in everyone’s community.

The Office of Ethnic Affairs understands that family violence is a difficult thing to talk about.
It can arouse fear of alienation and stigmatisation. A critical step in its reduction is to ensure that family violence can be discussed without fear and that offenders and victims can seek help.

The Office of Ethnic Affairs has developed a guide called Speak up Seek help Safe home to help women from diverse cultures and their families live without violence at home.

Link to the office of Ethnic Affairs website: http://ethnicaffairs.govt.nz/story/family-violence-and-ethnic-communities%20

It’s not OK Campaign Turns Focus to Protecting Children

New Resources from It’s not OK campaign focus on protecting children

A new series of posters, postcards and stickers focus on the role we all have to play in protecting children in our families and communities.

Research shows that violence in the home affects children whether they see it, hear it or just know about it.

Child abuse is most often linked to partner abuse.  In 2010 70% of child abuse cases attended by Police were family violence related and half involved children being present.

All Black Liam Messam, Sports Broadcaster Jenny May Coffin and Comedian Ben Hurley feature on the new resources.

The new resources can be ordered from 1 August by any person or organisation from the It’s not OK website at http://www.areyouok.org.nz/.

Also, don’t forget to keep in touch with what’s happening around the country at www.facebook.com/ItsNotOK 


Family Works North Shore Offer Safe Space for Youth affected by Violence or Abuse

Counselling Service for Children and Young People

FamilyWorks North Shore has a qualified and trained team who are able to offer a safe space for children and young people who have been affected by abuse, including those who have witnessed family violence. The team can travel across the North Shore and are available from Monday to Friday. Please call Tania on 4482633 for further details or to request a brochure.

Changes to the Crimes Act from March 19

The following is an excerpt from Margret Barnett-Davidson’s recent article in Kai Tiaki Nursing NZ, February 2012, Vol 18 No 1, p 31.

“…The changes expand the legal duties of those caring for children and increase the maximum penalty for this offence. As part of the recent changes, however, from March 19, the Crimes Act includes a new offence against a new group defined as “vulnerable adults” who, like children, for various reasons are not able to remove themselves from a risk of serious harm.

The changes to the Act include the repeal of the offence of Cruelty to a Child (section 195), replacing this with Ill-treatment or Neglect of Child or Vulnerable Adult (s195), and the new offence of Failure to Protect Child or Vulnerable Adult (s195A).

It is the latter new offence which nurses, midwives and caregivers need to be aware of, as it creates potential criminal liability for a failure to protect a vulnerable person from the potential actions of others – a crime of omission – rather than the more usual crime of commission.

The elements of the new offence have wide reaching implications for health-related institutions and practitioners.”…

Family Violence Seminar for Professionals

This event is free to professionals working in health, there is ample free parking and light refreshments are provided.