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Consultation on Proposal to Change Home-Based Support Services in WDHB Area


Waitemata District Health Board are proposing to change the current model of care for the provision of Home and Community Support Services funded within the Waitemata District Health Board area.

Waitemata District Health Board is consulting with its communities and stakeholders on a proposal that may change the model of care for home-based support services within the district. The aim of the proposed model is to ensure clients receive services based on the level of need and that they are empowered to achieve optimal functioning and independence.

Waitemata DHB encourage you to provide feedback.


The proposal and other relevant documents are available on the Waitemata District Health Board website.

View Online – Visit: www.waitematadhb.govt.nz to view the proposal and other relevant documents.

Request a hard copy – contact Imelda Quilty-King, Community Engagement Coordinator, Waitemata DHB on mobile: 0212236099 or by email: hbssconsultation@waitematadhb.govt.nz if you wish to request a hard copy or if you have any other query on this proposal.


Online – Visit www.waitematadhb.govt.nz to complete a survey using survey monkey.

By post – Request a hard copy or print off the feedback form from the

website and post it the Waitemata District Health Board.

Request a Face to Face meeting – The Waitemata DHB is not holding public meetings however your organisation/group is welcome to request a face-to-face meeting with us by contacting Imelda Quilty-King, Community Engagement Coordinator, Waitemata DHB on mobile: 0212236099 or by email: hbssconsultation@waitematadhb.govt.nz


Feedback closes at 5pm, Monday 24 June 2013.

WDHB would like your feedback about the Asian Advance Care Plan Leaflet and Form

Invitation to Asian community members and health professionals

WDHB would like your feedback about the Advance Care Plan Leaflet and Form

The National Advance Care Planning Cooperative team and Waitemata District Health Board ACP clinical coordinator is seeking feedback from Asian communities and health professionals about the attached Advance Care Plan leaflet and form currently available in English.

1.      The Advance Care Plan Leaflet (tri-fold brochure format)

This leaflet provides information about Advance Care Planning by promoting awareness about what to plan ahead for future health care including personal care,  treatment preferences for end of life situations, what can be done and who to talk to.

2.      The Advance Care Plan Form (4 pages)

This form is for individuals to document their personal care and specific treatment preferences for end of life situations. Additionally, it is about the existence of a will, and the location of important papers and other practical matters.

<<Advance care planning Leaflet>> <<My advance care plan form>>

Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, the Advance Care Plan Cooperative team would like your views on: the appropriateness of the design/graphics; the colour; the wording used on the leaflet and the form and; whether if there is a need for improvements. In addition, we are trying to find out if there is a need for the form and the leaflet to be translated into different Asian languages.

How to provide feedback:

1.      You can complete the online feedback form by clicking on this link



2.      You can complete the attached feedback form and email back to

        Stella Song: by email stella.song@waitematadhb.govt.nz

<<2013-5-17 SM ACP Feedback Form>>


3.      If you know of others who may be interested to provide feedback, please feel free to send this request for feedback and the form to your networks.


4.      If you wish to run a focus group with others to collect feedback using the attached form, we would be most appreciative, please send us the completed form(s) by post:

        Attn: Stella Song – Asian Health Support Services, Waiteamata DHB, Private Bag 93503, Takapuna

Deadline for feedback is Friday, 10 June 2013

If you would like to know more about ACP please go to www.advancecareplanning.org.nz. Your assistance, feedback and comments would be very much appreciated and valued by the ACP team.


Asian Health Support Services I Waitemata DHB

p: 09 4423239  I m:  021 2402230  I   f:   09 4868307   



Information about the Health Passport initiative at WDHB

The Health Passport is now at Waitemata DHB

Key Points:

  • It is not a medical record.
  • The Patient, family or caregiver completes the Passport.
  • It may contain as much or as little information as the patient wants to share.
  • The Health Passport stays with the patient at all times.
  • It needs to be accessible to anyone who works with the patient.
  • It goes home with the patient.

What is the Health Passport?

The Health Passport is a booklet that contains information that people who may have communication difficulties want staff to know about them.  It focuses on the care and support needs of that person.

The Health Passport initiative is led by the Health & Disability Commission.  Waitemata DHB is the third DHB in NZ to roll-out the Passport in this national initiative.

Whose Health Passport is it?

The Passport belongs to the patient, is kept and updated by him or her, and comes with the person to hospital. Copies can be made for DHB records, but the original Passport goes home with the patient.

Who will use the Health Passport?

The Health Passport was originally developed for people with intellectual disabilities, but can be used by anyone who may benefit from a communication tool.  This includes people who use English as a second language, older adults and people with disabilities, but may be used by anyone who wants to use it.

Who completes the Health Passport?

The person, a member of their family or their caregiver, complete the bits of the Health Passport that they want staff to know about.

People only need to complete the information that is relevant to them.  Some Health passports may have very little information in them, while others will be full of information.  It is up to the patient.

Are there any issues around privacy?

This is a patient owned communication tool.  It should be visible and easily accessible to all staff and should be with the patient at all times.

Why have a national Health Passport?

The aim is to make it easy to use in all New Zealand hospitals.  As people move between hospitals, the Health Passport will remain the same, making communication easier for both staff and patients.

Where do I get copies of the Health Passport?

  • At the Hospital receptions
  • In the Emergency Department
  • At GP Surgeries (from 2012)
  • Disability Service providers in the Community
  • Download from www.hdc.org.nz

I would like more information – who do I talk to?

Samantha Dalwood, Disability Strategy Coordinator samantha.dalwood@waitematadhb.govt.nz

Direct: +64 9 442 3289           Mobile: 021 221 7810     Ext: 2289