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Transgender Awareness Week 2015: Nov 14-20

Transgender awareness week starts on November 14th and finishes up on November 20th, the ninth annual Trans Day of Remembrance.

Trans on Campus  from The University of Auckland, Rainbow Youth and GenderBridge (pdf), have teamed up to organised two Trans Awareness Week events in Auckland, including a one-day symposium, Transacademia.

Learn more for Transgender Awareness Week…

Inside Out

Rainbow Youth: Queer and Trans Info Pages


Affirming Diversity Workshop – Massey Uni: 8 August 2013

Presenter: Kestin Stewart, Rainbow Youth

  • Date:Thursday 8 August 2013
  • Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm
  • Venue: Centre for Psychology, Massey University, Albany Village, Auckland

This workshop aims to create non-judgemental, matter-of-fact atmosphere where anyone can ask any question without fear of reprisal.

Through this workshop you will learn more about the diversity of human sexuality and gender, as well as the terminology people use and the various interpretations.

Tackle such topics as stereotypes and discrimination that LGBTI people often face, how to best support your client if these are factors that are affecting their wellbeing and discerning when sexuality and/or gender is not necessarily a factor at all.


Key Content











Introductions, ice breakers, resource packsGuest Speakers: Trans and Queer representatives sharing their ‘coming out’ story.


Sexual Orientation: Continuum diagram, Sexual triangle, and Terminology
Gender Identity: Sex V Gender diagram, Gender Expression,  and Terminology


Coming Out: What it involves, How to respond

Homophobia and Transphobia: What it looks like, How to identify it, How to create change.


Application to work environment / Practice scenarios

Wrap up: Closing round, evaluations, final comments

The course works from a pedagogy of critical thinking and deconstruction.   It also utilises the tools of personal narrative plus the micro/macro combination approach to positive social change, which includes a focus on personal awareness to achieve best practice.

About the Presenter

My name’s Kestin Stewart and I’m the Education Coordinator and Consultant for Rainbow Youth.

I’ve been involved with the organisation for a long time, around 5 years or so now, volunteering as a group facilitator and then joining the executive board as Secretary from 2009-2011. 

A large proportion of my volunteer time at Rainbow Youth was as a shared story representative, where I would give my coming out story, primarily in high schools and answer any questions students might have.

I am very passionate about the education we do here at Rainbow Youth and I think it’s some of our most important work. Our Affirming Diversity workshop tackles such topics as sexual orientation, homophobia, the coming out process and gender identity. I’ve often found that even if someone isn’t personally affected by these issues, they usually know, or are related to someone who it does. The knowledge they gain from the workshop helps them better understand and support those around them, helping create more positive environments.


$250 for professionals

$230 early bird (by 15 July)

$125 for students

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided and included in the fee.   Certificates of attendance are provided to all attendees who complete the workshop.

Numbers are limited and places will be allocated in order of receipt of registration.

How to Register

Please complete the Affirming Diversity Workshop Registration Form and return it to :

Helen McMaster, Centre for Psychology, Massey University, Private Bag 102904, NorthShore Mail Centre, Auckland,

Fax : 09 443 9732

Email : H.McMaster@massey.ac.nz

Videos from LGBTTI Wellness and Suicide: What do we need to change?

LGBTTI Wellness and Suicide: What do we need to change? was a one-day symposium held in Auckland on 27 February 2013, looking at mental wellbeing and suicide prevention in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, takataapui and intersex populations.

The day was hosted by Auckland District Health BoardOUTLine NZRainbow Youth, Affinity Services and the Mental Health Foundation.

Videos and slides from the symposium presentations are available below:

Preventing Suicide in the LGBTI Community: 23 & 25 March 2013

Two LGBTI Suicide-Prevention Events from Rainbow Youth and Auckland Youth Development Trust

Suicide Prevention Training

Mani B Mitchell (Intersex Trust Aotearoa) and Sharon Jones (Working It Out, Tasmania Australia)
Facilitating a suicide prevention training for people who work with queer and trans* youth.
All are welcome. RSVP to info@rainbowyouth.org.nz or the facebook event pinned to the Rainbow Youth Facebook page. No fee charged, koha is welcome on the day.

Training will be in ‘The Palour’ on the top floor of 78 Pitt Street, Auckland Central. (The Building next to the church).

Saturday 23 March 2013, from 1 pm. 



LGBTI Suicide Prevention Forum

Mani B Mitchell and Sharon Jones presenting their recent work and collaboration with the queer, trans* and intersex communities both here and across the ditch. People are welcome to join Mani and Sharon for kai at the Ponsonby Food Court afterwards. All are welcome. RSVP to info@rainbowyouth.org.nz or the facebook event pinned to the Rainbow Youth Facebook page. No fee charged koha is welcome.

Monday 25 March 2013, from 6pm. 


LGBTTI Wellness and Suicide Symposium 27 Feb 2013

Research indicates that LGBTTI youth have significantly higher rates of both suicide and mental health problems. These problems often extend into their adult lives and in to old age. Such problems are typically the result of stigmatisation, bullying, trauma, and isolation. All of which can be tackled by both community and agency responses.

What will the Symposium do about this problem?

The Symposium will focus on three things.

  1. First, it will talk about the evidence, why this is an issue, and why we should respond; it will raise people’s awareness of the problem.
  2. Secondly, it will show how this affects people’s lives now, for both youth and adults, and talk about what mental health and wellness means for the LGBTTI community.
  3. Thirdly, it will ask the community (through the Symposium) to present ideas and suggest responses from the community to which individuals, groups, organisations, and government agencies can respond and support.

Who should attend?

Anyone from the LGBTTI community is encouraged to attend, but the Symposium is also for professionals and organisations that provide a service or support LGBTTI people. The Symposium has been subsidised by ADHB to encourage widespread attendance and contributions.

Further information is available from:

Robert Ford

021 985 965

or Michael Stevens

027 703 7220

The Symposium has been organised and is supported by Auckland District Health Board, OUTline NZ, Mental Health Foundation, Rainbow Youth, and Affinity Services.

RSVP by 15th February 2013!

To register contact
Lorraine Coelho, Suicide Prevention Coordinator 
Phone: 630 9943 Ext 26408
Email: lcoelho@adhb.govt.nz

Curious.org.nz Website Relaunched by Rainbow Youth

PRESS RELEASE: 15 December 2012

Have you been wondering what happened to the website curious.org.nz? Well ponder no more as the cat’s out of the bag: Aotearoa New Zealand’s premier hub of information, resources and cool stories for queer and trans* youth, curious.org.nz, is completely revamped and back online.

Rainbow Youth website committee and staff have spend the past six months restructuring the website – which was taken down due to technical issues – into a forward thinking site which is accessible to young people across the country.

Rainbow Youth Board Chair Duncan Matthews says over the last few years curious.org.nz has established itself as an important resource for queer and trans* youth. “The relaunched hub retains this original purpose but is now completely designed around regional management by youth for youth. I hope everyone enjoys using curious.org.nz as much as I’ve enjoyed being part of its creation.”

Curious.org.nz has a new visual layout and is fully integrated with social media for better engagement. Features include a search bar and a map of Aotearoa New Zealand which clicks through to blog rolls in each region of the country. These are to be facilitated by groups in each area and will include info on local meet ups, resources, events and news.

Rainbow Youth Executive Director Thomas Hamilton says it’s exciting to see curious.org.nz running again. “It’s important that the website is sustainable and manageable for our small organisation, and that the information, resource and content comes from a youth perspective.

“We fully intend to incorporate the health and well being promotion that was included in the previous version of curious.org.nz, but this platform will grant more national collaboration from youth organisations and be more sustainable economically.”

And the best part? Keeping with Rainbow Youth’s youth run, youth led model, curious.org.nz will continued to be developed and shaped by the people who use and engage with it. “Our volunteers have started the project,” says Hamilton, “And more work will be needed to successfully integrate the regions nationally. This will be fun!”

So what are you curious about? Rainbow Youth urges you to check out the site, share the information with friends and family, and if you’ve got a suggestion or would like to add information to a region, then email info@curious.org.nz to put your request forward.

Rainbow Youth thanks @clintyminty for his effort and experience designing the website, Webwise for turning the design into a website, and 247hosting.co.nz for hosting the website free of charge. Curious is funded thanks to the generous donations received through wtf.org.nz.


For interviews or more information, contact:
Thomas Hamilton – thomas.hamilton@rainbowyouth.org.nz – 021529778
Duncan Matthews – duncan@rainbowyouth.org.nz

Intersex Awareness Workshop and Documentary Screening: 18 August 2012

Celebrities say WTF?! about suicide among LGBT youth

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect – More than 30 of New Zealand’s leading celebrities come together in this Rainbow Youth and Outline campaign to ask New Zealand to stand together and say WTF?! .

Watch the video and share with your friends!


Big Gay Out: 12 Feb 2012

Big Gay Out 12th Feb 2012

New Zealand’s premier gay event, the Get it On! Big Gay Out 2012, will return to Coyle Park, Pt Chevalier on Sunday, 12 February 2012. Mark your calendars now because we are expecting the day to be bigger, gayer and better than ever before!


Where:   Coyle Park, Pt Chevalier, Auckland

An awesome free day out. Rainbow Youth will be there at ‘The Bach’ chilling out and enjoying some fun activities with OUTLine NZ, CADs and friends.

Big Gay Out 2012 Lineup

  • Te Roopu Kapahaka o Hokianga
  • Lorraine Butler
  • Sheree Waitoa
  • Finale Cabaret
  • Pearls of Meganesianz
  • Ngaire & Noreen
  • Caluzzi Girls
  • Kamp David
  • D’mynority
  • DNA Spectacular
  • Titch Marvel & the Paparazzi Dolls
  • Razor
  • Manthyng
  • Petra and her Poi Mob
  • Zowie

FebFast for Rainbow Youth

FebFast – A pause for the better

Press Pause on alcohol this February and help raise much needed funds to support programmes for young people with alcohol and other drug problems.

Imagine what 29 days alcohol-free can do for your waistline, your wallet and your liver! febfast throws the challenge out to everyone to give your body a break this February – the shortest month of the year – so you can approach the New Year with a clear head and provide kids with a fresh start.

Rainbow Youth are asking people to join their team to help raise money to support improving our awareness about our relationship to Alcohol in the Takatapui, Queer and Trans community.

Press pause: Get Juicy 4 Rainbow Youth.