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Mindfulness champion on Take It From Us Radio | 30 Sep 2014

On Tuesday 30 September,  tune into Take it From Us to hear from to a young psychologist who is a champion of alternative natural therapies, especially mindfulness, to manage mental health. Special guest Vikki Baird has already done some hard yards in mental health and gained some insights as a result of working in intensive residential rehabilitation.

Listen live on 104.6FM at 12.30pm or online www.planetaudio.org.nz

OR if you missed the broadcast, listen for the next seven days: www.planetaudio.org.nz/takeitfromus

And don’t forget the Facebook page @ Facebook.com and type ‘take it from us’ in the search box; contact Sheldon.brown@framework.org.nz for any feedback and comment/suggestions for shows.

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