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Supporting Someone Who Is Suicidal: An e-Resource from The Butterfly Diaries

Due to popular demand, the team at Engage Aotearoa has created an e-resource that shares the Storyteller Tips for Supporters from The Butterfly Diaries, Volume 1.


The Butterfly Diaries is a creative book project sharing stories of hope and transformation from people who have made it through the experience of being suicidal.

True, Kiwi stories of recovery are told by established writers in a variety of different forms. Storytellers were interviewed by the editors and writers used the interview notes to turn their stories into creative works of fiction. The editors used the interview notes to summarise the storytellers’ comments about what supporters did or could have done to help them. These have now been collected together in the e-Resource Supporting Someone Who Is Suicidal.

Visit The Butterfly Diaries to order a copy of the full book, learn more about the project or connect with other suicide prevention resources.

Click here to view, save and share Supporting Someone who is Suicidal.

You can find permanent links to this e-Resource on the Information Resources and Butterfly Diaries sections of the Engage Aotearoa website at www.engagenz.co.nz.