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Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Changes Name

Auckland Sexual Abuse Help has changed their name to HELP and their new email address is info@helpauckland.org.nz. The new website address is www.helpauckland.org.nz.

Their phone numbers and addresses remain the same

Goodbye Disability Resource Centre, Hello Independent Living Service

The Disability Resource Centre has changed its name to the “Independent Living Service (ILS)”.

Disability Resource Centre Auckland was originally founded in 1981 as the Independent Living Centre.  Some years later there was a name change to the Disability Resource Centre.  The original name better reflects the purpose and philosophy of the organisation to empower those with disabilities to live a good life.  A name change to The Independent Living Service is timely and honours the organisation’s roots and those in the community that started it.

Administrative Matters:

This is a name change only and not a change in our legal/charitable structure or status.  This makes the change very easy on all fronts and will not require new contracts, accounts or legal documentation.

  • The official change-over date was Monday 5th November
  • Email addresses changed on Friday 19th October and are first name@ilsnz.org
  • The Mobile Service changed from DRC Mobile to ILS Mobile with the web address www.ilsmobile.org
  • Their new web address is www.ilsnz.org and was live from Friday 19thOctober. However you  will be directed to www.disabilityresource.org.nz until all changes are complete.
  • All existing phone numbers and addresses remain the same.
  • Please contact Julianne McEldowney for new brochures on julianne@ilsnz.org