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Presentations on Individualised Funding Including Respite | Auckland-wide: 15 Oct – 14 Nov 2013

Individualised Funding is a mechanism for using, and paying a support worker directly for, Ministry of Health funded Home & Community Support Services. Individualised Funding (IF) has been increasing in popularity in recent years. 

Soon, Respite will also be able to be managed under Individualised Funding giving families much more choice, control and flexibility in the type and duration of respite they receive for their loved one with a disability. This free seminar will cover the facts and process of Individualised Funding, including important information for families around the use of Respite under this mechanism. This seminar will be useful for any families considering switching to Individualised Funding and/or families currently using Individualised Funding and wishing to include their Respite allocation under this mechanism.

Seminar dates/venue information is below. Presented by Karen Smith of the Ministry of Health. Light refreshments available at the start of each seminar. Bookings essential, please contact Niharika on 636-0351 or niharika@pfrc.org.nz

Individualised Funding (IF) Including Respite

A presentation by Karen Smith, Ministry of Health
Hosted by Parent & Family Resource Centre

Central Auckland

  • Tuesday 15th October 12.30 – 2.30pm Daytime Seminar
  • Independent Living Service
  • 14 Erson Ave, Royal Oak

South Auckland

  • Thursday 17th October 7pm – 9pm
  • Nathan Homestead
  • 70 Hill Road, Manurewa

North Auckland

  • Tuesday 22nd October 7 – 9pm
  • YES Disability Resource Centre
  • 3 William Laurie Place, Albany

West Auckland

  • Tuesday 12th November 7 – 9pm
  • Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation Foundation
  • 2 Claude Brookes Drive, Henderson

East Auckland

  • Thursday 14th November 7 – 9pm
  • Eastgate Community Trust
  • 427 Pakuranga Road, Pakuranga

RSVP is essential: Phone Niharika (09) 636-0351 or email her niharika@pfrc.org.nz

Who Should Attend: 

The Ministry of Health will soon be including access to Respite under Individualised Funding, creating new, flexible ways of taking a break. This seminar will explore the existing Individualised Funding option and the future of IF including Respite.

If you are a disabled person, parent or guardian of a disabled person, you might want more choice about how services will be delivered, when they will be delivered and who will provide your government funded support.

Individualised funding helps you;

  • Employ the support staff you want in your life – people who understand your culture, priorities, preferences and lifestyle choices.
  • Set your own timetable so support staff come and go as you want, so you can build stronger relationships and enjoy a better social life.
  • Source flexible Respite care that best benefits your family (short stay, overnight stay, in-home, in-facility, etc).
  • Identify new sources of support.
  • Take charge of who enters your life and reclaim your priorities.

Train The Trainers Workshop on Reporting Crime 16 Feb 2013

Asian Council on Reporting Crime (ACRC), in conjunction with Independent Living Service, is holding a workshop about reporting crime.  This is a great opportunity for community leaders to learn what’s in calling 111 and how to share their knowledge with their own network.

  • Date: 16 February (Saturday) 2013
  • Time: 10am – 12:30pm
  • Place: Independent Living Service (formerly Disability Resource Centre Auckland), 14 Erson Ave, Royal Oak, Auckland

*Admission Free (Tea included)

Target participants: Community leaders

Contact Zhengxiu Xie on 09-6250312 or

Rosa Chow on acrcnz@gmail.com

to register by 9 February 2013

Goodbye Disability Resource Centre, Hello Independent Living Service

The Disability Resource Centre has changed its name to the “Independent Living Service (ILS)”.

Disability Resource Centre Auckland was originally founded in 1981 as the Independent Living Centre.  Some years later there was a name change to the Disability Resource Centre.  The original name better reflects the purpose and philosophy of the organisation to empower those with disabilities to live a good life.  A name change to The Independent Living Service is timely and honours the organisation’s roots and those in the community that started it.

Administrative Matters:

This is a name change only and not a change in our legal/charitable structure or status.  This makes the change very easy on all fronts and will not require new contracts, accounts or legal documentation.

  • The official change-over date was Monday 5th November
  • Email addresses changed on Friday 19th October and are first name@ilsnz.org
  • The Mobile Service changed from DRC Mobile to ILS Mobile with the web address www.ilsmobile.org
  • Their new web address is www.ilsnz.org and was live from Friday 19thOctober. However you  will be directed to www.disabilityresource.org.nz until all changes are complete.
  • All existing phone numbers and addresses remain the same.
  • Please contact Julianne McEldowney for new brochures on julianne@ilsnz.org