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Thriving Lives Workshop Info Update for 6 July 2012

The following email advertisement was sent out earlier this week with a slight error in the stated cost, this has been corrected below. The workshop costs $25 for people who are not working and $50 for people who are working. You will receive a participant handbook and will leave with a specific plan for what to do next to start putting it all into action.

Thriving Lives Workshop 

Thriving Lives introduces the practices associated with happiness and flourishing and then gives you a chance to use the Thriving Lives Worksheet to figure out how you can build those practices into your own daily life. Thriving Lives is an original Engage Aotearoa framework based on the latest research in positive psychology combined with a personal perspective of recovery.

Next Public Session: 6 July 2012 at Mind and Body Consultants Ltd, 395A Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland.

Cost: $25 unwaged / $50 waged. 50% discount for Mind and Body Peer Support service-users.

Click here to read and save a copy of the Thriving Lives Information Sheet

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Equipping Communities: Thriving Lives for Supporters

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and we just wanted to take a moment to send a wee reminder out about our upcoming Thriving Lives for Supporters Workshop. We think one of the reasons we have such a high rate of suicide is because we don’t have enough tools for talking about or building wellbeing and happiness and the other positive experiences associated with mental health.

Thriving Lives is a worksheet tool to help people understand how they practice mental health in their own lives and what they could add to their picture. Thriving Lives Workshops teach people to use this tool to improve their wellbeing.

Feedback on the Thriving Lives Workshop shows this approach helps people to:

  • feel less alone
  • acknowledge their strengths
  • recharge their sense of hope
  • form new understandings
  • develop practical strategies for improvements

We’ll be running a repeat session on October 11th. More information about that is on our website. It doesn’t stop there though. People need supportive, informed communities to help them on their way. Our next step is about training the wider community to support people to put this approach into action.

Thriving Lives for Supporters equips supporters of all kinds to use this approach in their own lives and with the people they support. Whether you are a family-member of someone who is dealing with stress or mental unwellness, a friend, a colleague or a professional who works in the mental-health sector, this workshop is for you.

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve extended the early-bird enrolment period to September 16th, so there’s a few days left to take advantage of the discounted rate.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re happy to offer a group discount if there are a few people enrolling together. 

Click here to open a copy of the information sheet.

Contact us to enrol.