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Caring Counts Report on Aged Care Workforce in NZ

NEON (National Equal Opportunities Network) Special Feature

Caring Counts: Report of the Inquiry into the Aged Care Workforce      

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Part 1
–  Foreword
–  Recommendations

–  Timetable for implementation

Part 2
–  Why this Inquiry?

–  About the Human Rights Commission
–  Terms of Reference
–  How we conducted the Inquiry
–  Terminology
–  Issues looked at in the Inquiry

Part 3
–  Respect and value
–  Workforce supply, recruitment and retention
–  Conditions of work
–  Wages and pay parity
Carers – community and residential facilities
The gendered nature of caring
Pay issues
Financial modelling
Transparency and consistency
Transferring resources
Pay issues for registered nurses and other workers
–  Staff to resident ratios
–  Training and qualifications
–  Changing service models and developing skill sets
–  Minimum training levels for support workers
–  Qualifications and rewards
–  Value of training
–  Career path
–  Challenges
–  Qualifications, training and the regulated workforce
–  Conclusion
Managerial competence
–  Men as carers
–  Migrant workforce
–  Migrant workers in the aged care sector
   –  Overseas trained nurses
–  English language requirements for registration
–  Work visas – the union view

–  Work visas – the employers view
–  Cultural and language differences
–   Conclusion
–  Regulatory frameworks
–  Regulation of the workforce
–  Regulation of services
–  Integration and coordination of services
–  Conclusion

Part 4
–  Diary of a carer
–  Maori in aged care
–  Impact of Christchurch earthquake

Part 5
–  Financial modelling
–  Human rights framework
–  Literature review

–  Appendices

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