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reTHiNK Possible Worlds Encore 20-21 April 2012

The Literatti and partners present an encore performance of reTHiNK Possible Worlds with the addition of new poets with new worlds and The Time Machine, an interactive moving-image performance installation that you need to see to believe.

“It offers constant glimmers of hope, escape routes and pathways to human dignity.” – Theatre View

reTHiNK Possible Worlds is a multimedia theatre show that weaves together dance, poetry, film, visual art and music to tell the story of several characters as they navigate their way out of madness and rethink their possible worlds.

  • The Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland Central
  • Friday 20 April 8 pm and Saturday 21 April 6 pm.
  • Tickets $10 on the door.

After their sell-out shows in 2011, Theatre review called it “well-padded and full. It was like eating a good meal: not so much that we are sore, not so little that we are still hungry”.

Who are you in the maze of life?

Performance Poetry:

  • A Fighter – Marina Alefosio
  • A Rogue – Sali Namwinga
  • An Adventurer – Michelle Bolton
  • A Maverick – Chris McMurray
  • A Searcher – Miriam Barr
  • A Thinker – Daniel Larsen
  • A Survivor – Simone Kaho
  • A Visionary – Shane Hollands
  • A Seer – Christian Jensen
  • A Rebel – Jai MacDonald
  • A Translator – Maddy King.

The Time Machine by Dan Breton

The Inventors:

John McNab: saxophone, guitar;
Paul Williams: cello, guitar, percussion.

Etched Dance Productions: 
Jess Quaid
Georgia JM Giesen.


Possible Worlds Encore: 20 & 21 April 2012

constant glimmers of hope, escape routes and pathways to human dignity.”

If you missed it during Mental Health Awareness Week – now is your chance to get along to reTHiNK Possible Worlds for the encore performances at The Basement Theatre. Performance poetry, dance, film and music tell the story of several characters as they navigate the maze of life and rethink their possible worlds.

Theatre review called it “Well padded and full. It was like eating a good meal: not so much that we are sore, not so little that we are still hungry”

Don’t just think it is the same thing again though…

This time there is The New Worlds pre-show with some of Auckland’s up-and-coming performance artists including the winner of the youth Rising Voices poetry slam. Plus The Literatti’s invention The Time Machine becomes the newest member of the Possible Worlds cast.

What is The Time Machine? you ask. The Time Machine is an interactive, video installation that allows you to super-impose real-time video of yourself into a projected visual landscape and manipulate the images. The Time Machine debuted at Splore in February, made its second appearance at First Thursdays in March and makes itself firmly at home among Auckland’s leading performance poets in April with reTHiNK Possible Worlds, the encore performance.

Tickets are $10 on the door. Find out more on Facebook if you swing that way!

All proceeds go towards fund-raising for The Literatti to take reTHiNK Possible Worlds to Melbourne in October for a Trans-Tasman Mental-Health Awareness Week event as part of The Like Minds Big reTHiNK.

11 October on Take It From Us radio

Be stimulated to rethink your own world, and its possibilities on Take It From Us tomorrow. Rethink Possible Worlds is a Mental Health Awareness Week event of dance, music, poetry, visual art and film. Hear how such creativity can improve our mental health, and boost our journey through “the maze of life.” Members of the cast of reTHiNK Possible Worlds visit the studio to discuss their upcoming show with host Sheldon Brown.

Tune in @ 12.30pm every Tuesday, PlanetFM104.6.

Take It From Us is live on the web at www.planetaudio.org.nz/takeitfromus (click on Listen Live)

or visit www.likeminds.org.nz if you want to catch up with any of the latest four shows.

An Unmissable Mental-Health Awareness Week Event

reTHiNK Possible Worlds

We are all human beings navigating the maze of life.

Emerging and established talents from five different creative fields come together in a one hour collaborative display that is sure to leave even the most cynical amongst us uplifted.

A cross-genre collaboration of ambitious proportions – Dance, live music, performance poetry, visual art and film are interwoven to tell the powerful story of multiple characters as they navigate their way out of mental unwellness and rethink their possible worlds.

Get your tickets now!


Only three chances to see the show across two days during Mental Health Awareness Week

  • 8:00 – 10:00 pm Friday October 14th |
  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm Saturday October 15th |
  • 5:00 – 7:00 pm Saturday October 15th 

At Galatos, Main Room, 17 Galatos Street, Auckland Central

Tickets just $10 from The Literatti’s website, with limited door sales available for each session.

Take the Facebook Quiz to find out which reTHiNK character YOU are! 

You & The Guerrilla Poets…something fun for a Saturday afternoon

Auckland Poets Get on Board with the Largest Poetry Event in History

– Are You In? 

600 events in 450 cities and 95 countries will take place on September 24 to promote environmental, social, and political change. Poetry demonstrations are being organized in political hotspots such as Cairo, Egypt. A poetry and peace gathering is planned in strife-torn Kabul and Jalalabad. In Mexico there are over 30 events. To date there are over 250 events in the United States. More examples of events can be found at the 100 Thousand Poets for Change website at www.100TPC.org. 

In New Zealand there are two events – both in Auckland. You & The Guerrilla Poets sees the Guerrilla Poets and The Literatti banding together to bring poetry to the central city streets with a poetry march that follows the footsteps of the 1969 demonstration that saw thousands of hippies take over Albert Park as a space for the people.

Everyone is invited to join the poets at midday at Meyers Park. Armed with chalk, poetry banners and their voices they’ll process along Queen Street, up Wellesley Street and into Albert Park, chalking, performing and handing out their poetic messages of change as they go. The event finishes up with a soap-box reading in Albert Park and an attempt to completely fill in the area around the fountain with poetry. Chalk is provided and it’s free to take part, people need only bring their outside voices or a spare hand to write with and something to say. Musicians and visual artists welcome.

The Literatti’s involvement also fitted perfectly, their current project reTHiNK Possible Worlds, seeks to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental ‘illness’, so that is one theme passers-by can expect to see transforming the cityscape on the 24th – though participants are encouraged to share whatever message they wish. Their last mission saw the Henry Atkinson statue and an entire block in Titirangi filled in during the night. For You & The Guerrilla Poets they are coming out in broad daylight in a true celebration of poetry, change, and the spirit of ‘What If…?’

For those looking for something a bit more traditional, Printable Reality is hosting a free poetry reading at Pah Homestead, which kicks off at 2 pm with some of the city’s best including the hilarious Brad McCormick (2011 Going West Slam Champion) and the esteemed Murray Edmond.

Immediately following September 24th all documentation on the 100TPC.org website will be preserved by Stanford University in California, which has recognized 100 Thousand Poets for Change as an historical event, the largest poetry reading in history. The Guerrilla Poets will be uploading photos immediately following the event so our local messages of change will go down in history.

Facebook Event www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=226384740730007

Eventfinder www.eventfinder.co.nz/2011/you-the-guerrilla-poets-join-100-thousand-poets-for-change/auckland

The Literatti www.theliteratti.com

Printable Reality www.printablereality.co.nz

reTHiNK Possible Worlds: The Quiz, The Screening & The Final Show

The Literatti are the proud recipients of a reTHiNK Grant to use creativity to help reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental ‘illness’ in Auckland. 

Members of the public were invited to create their own video responses to the theme “We are all human beings navigating the maze of life.” The best submissions will be screened at Corban Estate Art Centre on September 17th at 4 pm and will open the reTHiNK Possible Worlds shows at Galatos in Mental Health Awareness Week. 

For the final show, dance, poetry, film and music are interwoven to tell the story of eight characters as they navigate their way out of madness and rethink their possible worlds.

Visit The Literatti’s website for everything you need to know about reTHiNK Possible Worlds

You can even take the  reTHiNK Possible Worlds Facebook Quiz

and find out what reTHiNK Possible Worlds character you are.

Invite your friends to try it out, share your result on your page and help change public attitudes about mental health and the human condition. 

We are all human beings navigating the maze of life. 

Share your perspective with reTHiNK Possible Worlds

Possible Worlds Youtube Competition Flyer

Be part of reTHiNK Possible Worlds with The Literatti and you could win an awesome IDEOS X5 Smartphone worth $500 thanks to 2Degree mobile!

The main point is being part of a powerful project for social change, but you also get a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work and your perspective, as well as the chance to win a flash new piece of technology to help you stay connected!

All you need to do is make a video response to the statement ‘We are all human beings navigating the maze of life’.

You can make anything from a simple journal-piece in front of your web-cam to a moving image work of art, a spoken word performance piece, a music video or a short film.

Entries close on September 11th – so it’s time to get creating!

Visit www.theliteratti.com to check out the reTHiNK Possible Worlds guidelines and upload your entry.

Proudly funded by a 2011 reTHiNK Grant from Like Minds, Like Mine at Mind and Body Consultants Ltd.