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MindNet Issue 31 Out

Issue 31 – part one


In this issue of MindNet Michelle Hull discusses how lack of sleep affects wellbeing and how you can get a better night’s ‘kip’.

Sitting Fit is one way older people can become engaged in exercise. Find out how septuagenarian fitness instructor Shirley Waterfield inspires her classes.

Sophia Graham shares the special meaning ‘neighbourliness’ has for her in light of our recent 3rd annual Neighbours Day (23-24 March).

Vaea Hutchens tells us about a special Christchurch project to empower Māori families who have family members with experience of mental illness.

And, we have a unique opportunity for MindNet readers to view NZ Mental Health Media Grant fellow Guy Frederick’s photojournalism exhibition The Space Between Words. The exhibition is now available online especially for people who have not been able to see it in Christchurch or Wellington.

Guy has the chance to win an Australasian award for this project and would really appreciate your feedback on the exhibition and the inspiring stories that 14 Cantabrians have shared. Once you have viewed the exhibition (or if you have already done so) please share your thoughts by taking the survey.

Finally, the reading list for this issue is about creating a balanced life.

If you can recommend a wellness or mental health promotion service, project or programme that we could feature in MindNet – or would like to contribute an article yourself – please email mindnet@mentalhealth.org.nz

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