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2014 Mental Health Leadership Exchange

The 2014 Leadership Exchange will be in the Europe region from 9th-13th June with host sites in England, Ireland Scotland and Sweden, with the venue for the combined meeting on the 12th and 13th June being United Events – Old Trafford, Sir Matt Busby Way, Stretford, Manchester. A draft agenda will be available soon.

To register for this event, please complete the necessary steps at the following link:


Please Note:

There is no registration cost for those leaders who are from IIMHL and IIDL supporting sponsor countries.

IIMHL Supporting Countries:         

Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden, USA

IIDL Supporting Countries/State:

ACT – Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland

For those leaders outside of these countries, a fee of US$400.00 will be charged.

You will be invoiced later, and payment must be received by us before you attend the Leadership Exchange.

Further information on the IIDL host sites and agenda will also be available in due course

2014 IIMHL Leadership Exchange | Manchester | Scholarships Available

The 2014 Leadership Exchange will be in the Europe region from 9th-13th June with host sites in England, Ireland Scotland and Sweden,  with the venue for a combined two-day meeting on the 12th at Old Trafford, Manchester. A draft agenda will be available soon.

The International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) planning group in the UK includes Fran Silvestri (IIMHL President and Chief Executive Officer) and Janet Peters (IIMHL New Zealand International Liaison). In addition Robyn Shearer recently met the planning team in London to brief them on the 2012 experience of hosting the Leadership Exchange. The overall theme for 2014 is: Building international learning collaboratives for leaders.

The two-day combined meeting will take place in Manchester at the Events Centre at the Old Trafford Stadium. Matches will take place in England, Ireland, Scotland and Sweden. The Indigenous leaders will meet in Ottawa, Canada. Hotels are now available on the IIMHL website.

From 2014, the host sites and the network meeting will be integrally linked to the topics below. These themes have been agreed by all eight countries. Themes will enable clearer links between policy and practice.


Please visit the IIMHL website to register for the Leadership Exchange.

Topics for IIMHL for 2014 and beyond

In 2014 the topics for IIMHL and the countries hosting the matches are:

  • Suicide prevention (England)
  • Whole-person care: tackling inequalities between physical and mental health (and delivering parity of esteem in England)
  • Seldom heard and socially excluded groups (England)
  • Military and their families (England)
  • Population and public mental health prevention, promotion and wellbeing (PHE to host with partners) (England)
  • Behavioural health workforce development (England)
  • Integrating physical and behavioural health in primary care and sharing risk (England)
  • E-mental health (England)
  • Improving access to talking therapies (England)
  • Recovery (England)
  • Consumer leaders and peer services (England)
  • Family and carers (England)
  • Community crisis response and the crisis pathway (England)
  • Council of clinical leaders: measuring and understanding mental health outcomes and improvement (England)
  • International Knowledge Exchange Network for Mental Health (IKENMH) (Sweden)
  • Trauma informed care; includes reduction of seclusion and restraint (Scotland)
  • Intellectual Disability and Mental Health (join with IIDL) (Ireland)
  • Dementia (Scotland)
  • Children and youth (Sweden)
  • Substance misuse and mental health integration (Sweden)
  • Indigenous leaders (Canada)
  • Clinicians in leadership roles (Ireland)
  • Health information technology (Sweden)
  • Human rights and mental health (Scotland)

The two-day combined meeting 

A draft programme for the two-day meeting in Manchester will be available on the IIMHL website soon.

Ministry of Health scholarships 

In December, the Ministry of Health scholarship process will be advertised on the Ministry of the Health website and Te Pou website. Applications will open to mental health, addiction and disability leaders (including consumer leaders) on 20 January 2014.

Leadership breakfasts

Blueprint for Learning and Te Pou have developed a leaders breakfast network and IIMHL and IIDL leaders have been attending. These meetings are designed to enable networking, connecting and problem solving across the mental health, addiction and disability sectors. People who work in mental health, addiction or disability are welcome!

For more information on Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch breakfasts please contact Brennan Gracie at Blueprintbrennan.gracie@blueprint.co.nz.

For more information on Auckland meetings please contact Lana Griffith at Te Pou: lana.griffith@tepou.co.nz.

Highlights from the IIMHL Update

Engage Aotearoa loves getting updates from the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership – it’s always full of really interesting and relevant links. Here are a few highlights from the September update.

A Manager’s Guide to Suicide Postvention in the Workplace: 10 action steps for dealing with the aftermath of suicide

 (2013). American Association of Suicidology (AAS) and the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance), Crisis Care Network (CCN), and the Carson J Spencer Foundation.


The guide provides clear steps for postvention, giving leadership a sense of how to immediately respond to the traumatic event, have a plan in the short-term for recovery, and consider long-term strategies for helping employees cope down the line.

Addressing the Intimacy Interests of People with Mental Health Conditions: Acknowledging Consumer Desires, Provider Discomforts and System Denial

The Temple University Collaborative announces the availability of a new monograph focusing upon the intimacy concerns of individuals with mental health conditions.  Acknowledging that sexual intimacy is a lifelong priority for all men and women, the monograph reviews current mental health research on the topic, the issues raised by men and women with mental health conditions with regard to the barriers they face in developing satisfactory intimate lives, and the uneasiness of most community mental health practitioners in discussing intimacy and sexuality with the people they serve.  The monograph, which offers initial recommendations for the mental health community, seeks to initiate a national dialogue on these issues. You can view this document on the website, here:


Podcast: Michael Kendrick PhD

Michael Kendrick is an international expert on personalised funding approaches for people living with mental illness. Michael has worked in the fields of mental health, disability and aged care for nearly 30 years. He has advised governments and community organisations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Central America.

In this memorial lecture he talks about “a life lived well”.


2014 Leadership Exchange

The 2014 Leadership Exchange will be in England from 9-13 June.  Registration is now open via www.iimhl.com and a list of the available themes for the two day matches on the 9th and 10th of June is available for IIMHL members to select from. The venue is the United Events – Old Trafford, Manchester for the two day combined meeting  on the 12th and 13th June in Manchester.  A draft agenda will be available soon. Further information on the IIDL host sites and agenda will also be available in due course


Any leader in mental health, addiction and disability services can join IIMHL or IIDL free by using this link: http://www1.iimhl.com/Join.asp