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Concert to Raise Funds for Auckland Dyspraxia Support

Ben Fernandez and his orchestra, along with some special guests are helping the Dyspraxia Support Trust to raise funds, so they can continue to provide assistance to those who need it…

The concert is great value, and is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon for the whole family, and you can order your tickets on line right now from their web site at http://www.aucklanddyspraxia.org.nz

Auckland Dyspraxia Support Trust thanks you for your support!


Auckland Dyspraxia Support Trust meeting 18 Sep 2012

Parents Meeting – Tips for Teens in Life AFTER School

The guest speaker at the next Auckland Dyspraxia Support Trust Parents Evening is Marion Galvin…..a Transition Expert from Elevator.

Marion will be talking about ‘Tips for Teens in Life AFTER School’ – and where to go to for Help and Information.

This is a very important topic for our teens as it is so often an incredibly difficult time of fundamental change in their lives.

To be held at the PHAB Centre, 8 Auburn Reserve, Auburn Street Takapuna at 7.30pm on 18th of September.

Check out http://www.aucklanddyspraxia.org.nz/ for details – and keep an eye on the web site for an announcement about our great fund raising concert – coming soon!

Auckland Dyspraxia Support Trust presents a month full of information for parents…

The Government is currently changing allowances and benefits for kids with Dyspraxia.  When combined with the changes to the classification of Dyspraxia (and other conditions) that is coming up, a lot of families will soon be worse of.

Auckland Dyspraxia Support Trust are pleased to have Denise Gledhill from Health and Disability Advocacy NZ talking to parents this Tuesday 15-May-12 at 7:30pm at the Phab Centre.  Denise can help parents understand know more about their rights when using health and disability services, understand how to get questions answered or make a complaint, or help to locate an independent advocate.

If you haven’t used an advocate, then you should be aware that the right advocate can be invaluable.

Gold coin donations are welcomed to help cover expenses.

Get more details at: http://www.aucklanddyspraxia.org.nz/drupal/Event%20-%20Parents%20Meeting%20-%20Denise%20Gledhill%20talks%20Advocacy%20-%2015-May-12.

One Thursday 31-May-12, Auckland Dyspraxia Support Trust presents Paul Taylor giving practical advice on dealing with dyspraxic kids (and others on the ASD).

Tickets are still available at http://www.aucklanddyspraxia.org.nz/drupal/Dr%20Paul%20Taylor%20provides%20practical%20advice%20-%2031-May-12 for $10 (plus booking fee).  There will be limited CASH ONLY DOOR SALES at $15 on the day, but we encourage you to take a moment now and order your ticket at the cheaper online price.

Auckland Dyspraxia Support Trust