Engage Aotearoa

Engage Group

There are many well-researched techniques for improving anxiety experiences. Engage Group helps you explore these in a supported setting with people who know what it is like.

Engage Group is delivered by licensed Engage Group facilitators at Youthline.

 Thanks to CMHRT, Youthline is now offering Engage Group to the Auckland public, free of charge. 

Participants have gone on to make some significant changes in their lives, such as…

  • Moving out of supported accommodation into independent living.
  • Enrolling (and staying) in that course they always wanted to do.
  • Travelling overseas for the first time.
  • Getting into paid employment.
  • Reducing their medication.

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Engage Workshops

Engage Workshops are one-off recovery promotion workshops, including some bite-sized portions of material explored in Engage Group.