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The Butterfly Diaries Volume 1

Erin_Gaffney_Ideas_ImbedFour true stories of recovery from being suicidal as told by four creative writers.

In Aotearoa, New Zealand, 1 in 6 people have suicidal thoughts each year. It is a normal human response to feel hopeless sometimes. It takes a great deal of distress tolerance, brute determination, skill development, support and understanding to survive the urge to act on those thoughts and feelings when they arise. But hardly anyone ever talks about suicidal thoughts and feelings, making it even harder for people to find out how to get through. The Butterfly Diaries gives voice to the stories of those who have been there and made it out alive. Sean, Jane, Mary and Brad have all been suicidal, survived their own suicide attempts and found their way to a place where they are glad to be living their lives. In The Butterfly Diaries they share how they strengthened their wings and learned to fly.

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Foreword by Mike King. Stories by Raewyn Alexander, Henrietta Bollinger, Owen Bullock and Phoebe Wright.  Edited by Miriam Larsen-Barr and Michelle Bolton. 62 page, perfect-bound, paperback with colour cover.

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The Butterfly Diaries is a nonprofit initiative from Engage Aotearoa, produced by volunteers with lived experience of recovery who want to be part of positive social change. Engage Aotearoa is unfunded, staffed entirely by volunteers and relies solely on donations to cover the costs of operating.