The Coping Kete

Finding Your Way Around

The Coping Kete is organised in two different ways – by Coping Category and by Technique.  These are listed on the right hand side of the screen under the headings ‘Techniques’ and ‘Coping Categories’.

The four general Coping Categories are

  1. Self-soothing
  2. Mindful Distraction
  3. Expression & Support
  4. Engagement

So far, there are 27 different Techniques in the Coping Kete. A Technique is just a ‘way of doing’ each category of coping.

By clicking on a category label, you will be able to discover strategies that belong to that particular mode of coping.

You can also explore the Coping Kete by clicking on one of the various types of activity listed under the Techniques heading – for example you might be looking for a technique that works on acceptance, private expression,  thought-balancing or self-talk.

Alternatively you might like to simply try out every strategy that gets posted as a way of working out what kinds of things you are looking for. You can also browse through the Archives by month.

Some strategies are assigned more than one category and/or technique and this is because some strategies allow us to achieve more than one form of coping at the same time and/or involve more than one technique to put into practice.

Once you’ve found a strategy to try, experiment with it for a week or two and then add it to your Personal Coping Kete for times of stress and distress. You can learn more about coping on the Information About Coping page.