The Coping Kete

Using The Coping Kete

The Coping Kete is place to learn new coping strategies that you can draw on to get through a moment. Each strategy is set out for you to experiment with for a week before you use it as a way of coping with distress. This will allow you to get familiar with the strategy so you are prepared to put it into practice in the tough times.

By noting down and keeping the strategies you find most helpful, you will slowly build your own Personal Coping Kete to refer to during times of stress and distress. The weekly strategies in The Coping Kete are not meant to replace any other helpful things you are doing, but can be added to the mix so you don’t have to rely on a narrow range of strategies for everything. No strategy is the best strategy all of the time, the key is to have a multitude of familiar techniques so that we eventually have a way to cope, no matter what situation we find ourselves in.

The strategies shared in The Coping Kete are written in my own words, but they have come from the lives of real people, who themselves gathered them from a diverse range of often unknown places. The Coping Kete began its life as a private tool in my own recovery journey – first it was an envelope taped to the wall and filled with scraps of paper to prompt safe alternatives to the unhelpful patterns I found myself stuck in, and then it was a jar with phone numbers written on the outside. Years later, it became an actual woven flax kete, filled with coping strategies shared by participants in the Engage Group anxiety education and support programme. Each week the group passed the kete around and everyone would choose two new strategies to experiment with over the coming week, adding those that they found helpful to their own personal coping kete to draw on when times were tough. Over the years literally hundreds of strategies were gathered together and discussed as the group supported each other through the barriers they faced. In 2010, The Coping Kete found a new life as an online resource that anyone can find.

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