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No. 5 – Regular Self-Checks

This week, to attain, maintain or retain my sense of wellness …

I will practice being mindful of what I am feeling and what I need.  Once every hour or two, I will check in by mentally asking myself ’what do I feel right now?’ and then ‘what do I need to do for myself right now?’

I will give myself those things that I am capable of giving (or getting).  Do I need food? Sleep? A breath or two? Reassurance? A kind thought? A glass of water? A chat? A distraction? Assistance? By creating small moments in my day, I will become practiced in the art of responding to my needs as well as privately connecting with and expressing my feelings.

Once I am comfortable with creating moments in my days, I will add ‘Do a Self-Check’ to my Personal Coping Kete as a strategy for moments of stress and distress.

No. 4 – Open Posture

This week, to attain, maintain or regain my sense of wellbeing …

I will practice being aware of my body and making sure my posture is straight and comfortable, allowing for easy breathing and a stance of strength. Keeping the lungs open and my breathing regular will help to balance out my mood.

Once I am familiar with changing my posture and observing its effects on my mood, I will add it to my Personal Coping Kete for times of stress and distress.

No. 3 – Space to Make Considered Responses

This week, in order to attain, maintain or regain my sense of wellness…

I will practice giving myself the opportunity to respond consciously with awareness, rather than automatically, based on emotion.  Each day I will take 5 minutes out, to think about a time of minor stress during the day and write down in a notebook

  • what just happened
  • what it made me think of at the time
  • what I would like to do next
  • and what I will do next

Sometimes we get distressed because things seem overwhelming and out of our control.

If we take some time out of the situation and work through it, we are able to access a wider perspective of our environment, why it’s affecting us and what to do next.

Writing helps to focus the mind on the task at hand & flick us over into a more methodical frame of mind.

Once I have gotten comfortable with thinking about my experiences in this way, I will add ‘Write Myself Through a Considered Response’ to my Personal Coping Kete for use in times of stress and distress.

No. 2 – Small Moments of Expression

This week, to attain, maintain or regain your sense of wellbeing…

…Try practicing small moments of expression by naming what you are feeling in the moment, out loud to the people around you. Using small moments of expression helps other people understand and be supportive at times of stress and distress.

You can practice expression by having a conversation, but expression can also be in our simple, throw-away comments. Not all expression needs to be in-depth and serious, even if what we are communicating is serious.

Start small by replying honestly when someone asks how your day is or naming the everyday moments of stress and distress out loud to the people around you. Of course we need to choose suitable times and adjust to the situation we are in but it’s usually possible to acknowledge in some way when stress is present for you. For example, saying ‘Man, this is full on!‘ Or ‘this is stressful!’ Or letting someone know ‘I’ve been better’ when they ask how you are. Sometimes, just saying it out loud and having it heard is all we need. Who knows, someone might relate, a moment of stress could become a moment of connection. When we have to hide our experiences they tend to intensify inside us. So it is important to be able to name what we are feeling sometimes.

You might use small moments of expression with a friend, family member, teacher, colleague, boss, class-mate, online friend, the person in the supermarket, whoever is present at the time.  If no one else is around, try naming it privately to yourself or call someone or get in touch with a helpline.

Once you are comfortable with your small moments of expression, add ‘Name It in the Moment’ to your Personal Coping Kete for use during times of stress and distress. Once you have practiced small moments of expression, you will be better able to give yourself the chance to be supported when you are distressed.