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The Nutters Club episode on Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse | Maori TV | Mon 2 Dec 2013

The subject of male sexual abuse is the topic of a very frank episode of The Nutters Club on Monday December 2nd at 9:30pm on Maori Television. Mike King and David Codyre speak to Ken Clearwater and Rewi Smith about their experiences as survivors of sexual abuse.

Watch the trailer here on Vimeo

If you miss the episode when it airs on TV, you can watch all episodes online here.

Listen to The Nutters Club live on radio Newstalk ZB, every Sunday at 11pm.

The 1000 Hours Project


The people working at DraftFCB feel very strongly about the disturbing levels of child abuse in New Zealand. But strong feelings alone don’t create change, so they’ve decided to do something. It’s a very big and complex problem, and they know that one advertising agency won’t achieve much on its own. But if they can give a boost to an existing, dedicated, long-term organisation, and help that organisation act as an inspiring example to others, then they believe Draft FCB can make a difference. That’s why they’re donating 1000 hours of their communications expertise to the organisation (or organisations) that can best show Draft FCB how they can use it to help protect New Zealand’s children.

Find out more here.

Glenn Inquiry into Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Seeks Community Input

In July last year Owen Glenn announced that he would fund an independent inquiry to establish why domestic violence and child abuse remains such a major problem in New Zealand and to identify what needs to be done to address this issue.

If you have personal experience of child abuse or domestic violence or work with those who do the Glenn Inquiry team would like to hear from you!

Visit their newly launched website for more information at www.glenninquiry.org.nz

Follow the link below to check out the first newsletter from the Glenn Inquiry https://glenninquiry.org.nz/uploads/files/TheGlennInquiry_Newsletter.pdf