The Coping Kete

No. 58: Coming Back to Centre

This week to attain, maintain or regain my sense of wellbeing…

I will be mindful of the calm, light centre I take within me everywhere I go. No matter what life layers on top of me, that centre is unchangeable.  I will be aware that though my moods and thoughts and situation change, I can always return to this light place within.  It is there, even when I can’t see or feel it.  Even if I am feeling really low or dark, the light place within me remains. I can touch it whenever I want to.

When I notice slight shifts in my mood and frame of mind, I will remind myself that I carry this place within me. In my mind’s eye I will visualise this calm centre inside me and I will see myself moving towards it, while I practice the standard breathing exercise.

In this way, I will practice reminding myself of my own intrinsic,  unchangeable worth and capacity to experience something different in a range of different situations.

Once I am comfortable noticing slight shifts in my mood and coming back to centre, I will add it to my Personal Coping Kete as a way of self-soothing in the midst of distressing situations. 

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