The Coping Kete

No. 5 – Regular Self-Checks

This week, to attain, maintain or retain my sense of wellness …

I will practice being mindful of what I am feeling and what I need.  Once every hour or two, I will check in by mentally asking myself ’what do I feel right now?’ and then ‘what do I need to do for myself right now?’

I will give myself those things that I am capable of giving (or getting).  Do I need food? Sleep? A breath or two? Reassurance? A kind thought? A glass of water? A chat? A distraction? Assistance? By creating small moments in my day, I will become practiced in the art of responding to my needs as well as privately connecting with and expressing my feelings.

Once I am comfortable with creating moments in my days, I will add ‘Do a Self-Check’ to my Personal Coping Kete as a strategy for moments of stress and distress.

One Thought on “No. 5 – Regular Self-Checks

  1. I have been finding it really hard to remember to do this one. Am contemplating putting an alarm on my phone to go off every two hours, but it might be annoying.

    When I do remember to do it, I almost always find that there is something I need in that moment, or something I’ve not attended to that would make me feel better. Like, I often have forgotten to eat anything, and when I stop and check in I realise I need to get my energy up, that I’m starting to lag and get emotional. This is something I’ve found really helpful before, but as I’ve become busier and busier, I’ve let it go.

    It is helping me to take better care of myself to do this checking in, if only I could remember to do it more. I think this one’ll take longer than a week to get the hang of, but when I do it’ll really help.

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