The Coping Kete

No. 20 – Fly Away

This week, in order to attain, maintain or regain my sense of wellbeing…

I will practice moving my attention away from current problems for a moment by visualising that I can fly. Once a day, I will practice visualising that my body has a sense of lightness about it, as if I can free myself from the constraints of gravity whenever I want.  I will imagine that I ‘take off’ from where I stand. I will visualise what my surroundings look like from above. I will soar higher up through the clouds and imagine what they feel like as I fly through them.  My clothes might get damp from the moisture held in the clouds but just before I get cold, I will break through to the sunshine above. I will let the warm sun soak into my skin as the light flows over my upturned face. There is no noise up there except for the sound of a soft wind. I know am completely safe and there is no way I can fall.  I am in control of where I go and how I move.  I fly around for a little while looking at things and then I gently float down to the ground.  I will bring this sense of freedom and lightness with me as I return to the current moment.

Throughout this exercise, I will keep my breathing deep and slow, as in the diaphragmatic breathing exercise.

Once I am familiar with using this visualisation to relax, I will add it to my Personal Coping Kete as a strategy to try soothing or distracting myself from distressing emotions. By turning my attention elsewhere for a moment, I will reduce the intensity of my emotional reaction and give myself space to make a considered response to whatever it is that I am dealing with or reinterpret things.

2 Thoughts on “No. 20 – Fly Away

  1. This week’s one is the best. I think I will especially like closing my eyes and imagining flying to get to sleep. I will try tonight.

    • Hey – I didn’t think of it as a sleep aid, but of course! Did it work?

      I practiced this one during my break at work today, we had a whole day of seminars, lots of listening to others and following instructions – was a wonderfully empowering moment to wander outside for a moment and feel the lightness and go where I wanted to in my head – soaring off over the top of the ponga trees.

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