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Andrew Blythe Exhibits at Tim Melville Gallery 19 June – 7 July 2012

In his first solo exhibition at Tim Melville Gallery  Andrew Blythe presents works on paper made between 2003 and 2012.

Blythe’s ability to ‘bring line to life’ gives his paintings a unique rhythm and energy, their combinations of short repeated words and drifts of gestural marks leading the eye in search of visual patterns and systems. The artist himself has described his work as being about “energy flows and rhythms”, that he strives to “achieve harmony”, and that he wants his painting to be “pure, with no interference”.

A turbulent adolescence in the 1970’s saw Blythe in and out of hospital as well as occasionally living rough on the streets of Auckland. During this time he painted, drew and wrote poetry as a cathartic expression of his experience. Today he is supported by the Toi Ora Live Art Trust, a community arts centre providing studio space and tuition for people who have experienced mental illness.

Since his first solo show in 2008 Andrew Blythe’s national and international recognition has grown. A Paris show in 2009 was followed by a presentation at the New York Outsider Art Fair in 2011.

His work can currently be seen in “Local Knowledge” at the MADMusée in Liege, Belgium.