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Insatiable Moon Movie Night | Hamilton

Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2014

A movie filmed in Auckland, NZ. This is a wonderful opportunity to see a film which not only opens a window of understanding into the world of people with a mental diagnosis, it is a chance to see a New Zealand film with artistic merit. The lead character in the film, Arthur, a psychiatric patient who believes he is the Second Son of God, is played by Rawiri Paratene (Whale Rider). 

Tues 7th October 2014 
At The Western Community Centre,
46 Hyde Street, Nawton Hamilton
6.00pm – 8.00pm 
(Movie time 100 mins) 
Rated (M) Drug use, offensive language and violence

GOLD COIN DONATION (includes nibbles)
The Western Community Centre 847-4873

More info here.

The Like Minds Big reTHiNK Film Festival 8 – 13 October 2012

A Mind Altering Film Festival – media release

Films can change the way in which people view others.  Changing Minds, an Auckland-based not for profit organisation is putting on a free Film Festival as part of the Big reTHINK for Mental Health Awareness Week (8-13 October 2012).

Changing Minds take the view that “mental illness” is something that belongs within a social context and this is something that is reflected in the festival’s programming.  “We’re told time and time again that we have a mental health crisis in New Zealand and I think it is important to remember that “mental illness” isn’t something that exists within a vacuum – there is always a wider social context.” says Tina Helm, manager of Changing Minds.

The programme will include American documentary Crooked Beauty – a truly cinematic and philosophical experience that takes the viewer on a journey through the space between trauma, madness, and brilliance.  Mental Notes will also feature – a film that has caused something of a stir throughout the country and has people asking why New Zealand hasn’t apologised for the human rights injustices of the asylum days.  A presentation and panel discussion will be held on Saturday 13th October to address the representation of “mental illness” in New Zealand cinema, with film experts: Mark Sweeny (NZ Film Archive), Jim Marbrook (film-maker Mental Notes) and Dr Dean Manley (PhD Film).

The film festival will be held across two venues – Academy Cinema and Kenneth Myers Centre and is being supported by the New Zealand Film Archive and the Waitemata Local board.  The entire programme will be available for free to ensure that there are no barriers to access for unwaged or on low income.  The full programme is yet to be released.

For updates follow the Changing Minds Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/changingminds.nz

Changing Minds provide information and advocacy services to people who experience mental health issues or addiction issues.

For more information, please contact us by emailing us on the addresses above or by calling Tina on 09 623 1763 or Campbell on 09 623 1762

Insatiable Moon Screens in Mental Health Awareness Week

The Insatiable Moon and Mental Health Awareness Week

Maori Television and The Insatiable Moon are proud to announce a special television
event as the climax to Mental Health Awareness Week 2012 (Oct 8 – Oct 14).

On Sunday 14th October, at 8.30pm, Maori Television will be showing The Insatiable
Moon, immediately followed by the associated documentary Lunatic: Destigmatizing
Mental Illness with Arthur of Ponsonby.

This event is being specifically hosted by Maori Television as an incentive to the general
public to ‘Take Notice’ of issues around mental health, and particularly the stigma
experienced by those with lived experience of mental distress.

The film is remarkable in being both popular and award-winning, at the same time as
exploring significant issues. It was sponsored by the Mental Health Foundation in NZ, and
the Solihull Trust in the UK. This movie has been used globally to raise awareness in the
field of mental health.

We write to ask you to take this fabulous opportunity of provoking discussion by promoting
the screening to all your supporters. With all the wonderful activities scheduled for the
week, The Insatiable Moon and Lunatic will provide a fitting conclusion, and a chance to
raise important topics for the New Zealand community.

Please don’t miss this uniquely positive portrayal of mental illness – these opportunities
come around all too rarely.

And don’t forget to support and encourage the good people at Maori Television for their
contribution to Mental Health Awareness Week.

Noho ora mai,
Mike Riddell