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Self-Stigma Workshops in Taranaki

When we believe the stigma lie …

Stigma and discrimination affects all areas of society and is particularly prevalent in mental illness. Statistics reveal that a third of people experiencing mental disorders will battle on alone and avoid seeking help, because the stigma associated with being diagnosed with a mental illness is too great. People who do seek help and are diagnosed with a mental illness often find themselves labeled as being “mentally unwell” and run the real risk of believing (and internalising) the stigma so common in society.

Internalised (self) stigma is particularly challenging for people living with an experience of mental illness because it compounds conditions already being experienced, namely poor self-esteem and poor self-worth.

Like Minds Taranaki has put together an interactive workshop for people living with an experience of mental illness. Participants gain an understanding of the disempowering effects of internalised stigma and learn simple tools to counter its effects, supporting the choice of new beliefs to promote mental wellness. Two 3 hour workshops will be offered as part of the programme for Mental Health Awareness Week – one in New Plymouth on Monday 3rd October, and another in Hawera on Thursday 6th October.

For more information and to register for this free workshop, please contact Like Minds Taranaki on 06-759 0966 or mental.health@xtra.co.nz