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Pink Shirt Day – February 26th

Pink Shirt Day want to hear from young people about their experiences of bullying. Were you bullied? What did you do? Who helped you, and how? How could the people in your life (e.g. friends/parents/teachers, etc) have better supported you? What would you say to other young people who are being bullied? How can they get help? OR if you weren’t bullied, have you witnessed bullying? What did you do? What should other young people do when they see someone being bullied?

Pink Shirt Day would like these stories to have a resilience and recovery focus, and to give practical tips and advice to young people and their parents who need guidance and help. You can submit your story, tell it to Sophia Graham on 09 623 4810 x 811. They would also love to see your artwork depicting your experiences with bullying and recovery from being bullied.