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Chinese Parents Support Service Trust Pilot Programme

Chinese Parents Support Service Trust is recruiting Chinese speaking parents to their pilot parenting workshop funded by the Auckland Communities Foundation.

The benefit of this workshop is that it will help Chinese speaking parents to learn skills and knowledge that help to create a harmonious family. “We hope the workshop help parents to build confidence and to learn that parenting can be rewarding and enjoyable”, the CEO of CPS said.

A large part of the Chinese family unit emphasis on family’s “harmony” which is not well understood in New Zealand society. This concept is accompanied with the Western concept of “well being”. The Chinese Parents Support Service Trust builds on the strengths of Chinese concept of “harmony”.

Besides the workshops, there are various seminar topics that help to increase understanding of New Zealand’s health issues. By doing so, they can effectively engage and better utilize community resources.

The support group will be followed after the completion of ten sessions of the workshop.  This provides opportunity for Chinese parents with ongoing support through parenting coach.

It is only for 12 people, but they hope by securing more funding, CPS will be able to run more workshop for Chinese speaking parents.


Please contact CPS on cpsst.eva@gmail.com or call 09 307 1782 alternatively mobile on 022 632 1053.