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New Zealand Schizophrenia Research Group: Research Awards Scheme

The New Zealand Schizophrenia Research Group has for many years been able offer research awards in an annual round.

In recent years this has been made possible by the Taranaki Schizophrenia Research Trust.
In 2014 there was no such round. However NZSRG is continuing with its research awards scheme, with another round early in 2015.
Two documents, one describing the nature of the research awards which NZSRG can offer, the other the application form  for these awards, are accessible on the NZSRG website (www.nzsrg.org.nz). The deadline is 23th March. Application forms should be sent to Deb Leslie at nzsrgenquiries@gmail.com

They hope to receive your applications soon. Please circulate this messages to others you think might be interested.

New Zealand Schizophrenia Research Group: next meeting

The next meeting of New Zealand Schizophrenia Research Group will be held in Christchurch (Cashmere Club, near the Port Hills), on September 9th/10th.

Planning for this meeting is now in full swing. They intend to have as a central focus a chaired discussion on the topic of Research Involving Participants with Limited Capacity to Give Informed Consent.

At present, visiting speakers include: Christine Neville (Head, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Queensland), Brigit Mirfin-Veitch (Director, Donald Beasley Institute, Dunedin), Lynne Bowyer (Bioethics Centre, Otago University), and Helen Bichan (Psychiatrist and Ethicist, Wellington).

Link here for more information.

NZ Schizophrenia Research Group’s Annual Research Meeting: 18-19 Nov 2013

  • 2013 Annual Research Meeting
  • 18-19 November 2013
  • Auckland Medical School, The University of Auckland

Since 1994 persons doing research on schizophrenia in New Zealand have met each year for one- or two-day meetings at which they describe and discuss their research work. The New Zealand Schizophrenia Research Group was formed at the first meeting. You may have been present at one or other of these meetings. Earlier this year, NZSRG acquired Charitable Trust Status.

The 2013 Annual Research Meeting will be held on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th November, 2013 at Auckland Medical School.  On this occasion, for the first time, the NZSRG will be combing with the meeting of the Early Intervention for Psychosis groups in New Zealand, which will follow immediately afterwards  (20th-22nd November) with Professor Patrick McGorry as their keynote speaker.

Registration can  be done via the InSynch website (http://insync.org.nz) for either meeting separately, or for both together.

The standard registration fee, for the NZSRG meeting will be $150 for the complete two-day meeting (or $75 for each day by itself), with an “Early Bird” reduced rate of $120 ($60 for a single day) for registration by Monday, 21st October.

Visit www.nzsrg.org.nz for more information.