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Announcements from Changing Minds: Diverse City, New Manager and Mental Blocks.

Changing Minds launched the first issue of Diverse City last week, a brand new quarterly print-magazine that aims to start conversations that promote diversity and acceptance.

Find out more about Diverse City and how to get a copy on the Changing Minds website.


Tina Helm has left Changing Minds for the shores of Australia and new manager Ainslie Gee is now settling in.

Changing Minds has opened submissions for a new project called Mental Blocks, which, like the old reTHiNK Grant, offers funds for creative community projects that change the way people think about mental-health problems.

You can apply for up to $2 000 to bring your project to fruition and they say they will consider anything. 

Applications are due: Friday 30 August 2013, before 5pm.

Press Release: Regional Consumer Network Has New Manager

The Regional Consumer Network (RCN) is excited to announce the appointment of Tina Helm to the role of Manager. Tina has a depth of experience in health promotion as well as in project management and delivery.  She brings with her a youthful approach to new technology communication, community engagement, and an analytical project evaluation stance.

Tina has worked in the sector for a number of years and is looking forward to developing the network’s strategic plan. She will lead the network into its development phase as a responsive, relevant and vital community resource delivering its vision of social inclusion and justice.

After a period of evaluation and evolution at the network, Tina takes this role. This was a time of headwinds and reviews in the sector, and now the Network is in a position to build on the magnificent work of many before us, including Claire Moore who helped steer the network through problematic times. Tina begins with the Network in early April and looks to engage with and reflect the community it serves.

We thank Claire who has completed her term as project manager for the Regional Consumer Network (RCN).  As a contractor brought in to identify potential projects, workforce development areas, areas in which RCN is excelling, and those needing resourcing, changing, or elimination, Claire has done an extraordinary job.

Thanks to her and Debbie Swanwick’s efforts (the Network’s Communications Manager), RCN has done everything possible to make itself an invaluable resource for recovery information and education, community links and systemic advocacy.  Under Tina’s leadership we endeavour to further strengthen our service delivery for consumers.

We wish Claire all the best in her new role and thank her with great gratitude for the effort and (often thankless) input. Claire and Debbie have ensured the RCN is an effective and dynamic organisation which delivers what the members and the funders want. Their efforts have enabled us to clarify the roles and responsibilities required for staff to take RCN into the future in line with its strategic plan.

We say goodbye to Claire with sadness but with gratitude for her efforts, and hello to Tina with excitement and anticipation.


_ _ _

Contact: manager@rcnet.co.nz