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Want to Know More About Drawing Therapy?

Interactive Drawing Therapy Ltd are an Australasian group that provide a range of Interactive Drawing Therapy workshops and training opportunities in New Zealand and Australia.

They are running a range of training events in New Zealand in the coming months. Click here to visit the IDT website and find out more about what is available and how to enrol.

If you are interested in knowing a bit more about drawing therapy, there is some good information available on the IDT website too.

IDT One-Day Retreats New Zealand 2013

  • Palmerston North Retreat: “Refresh and Restore”
    • Saturday 10 August, 2013
    • Facilitator:  Gillian Hunt
  • Auckland Retreat: “Draw Where it Hurts”
    • Saturday 28 September, 2013
    • Facilitator:  Russell Withers

New Zealand Foundation Courses 2013


Unit One Unit Two
Hamilton 5-6 July 8-9 July
Napier 16-17 August 6-7 September
Dunedin 6-7 September 9-10 September
Whangarei 3-4 October 7-8 October
Auckland 4-5 October 7-8 October
Wellington 11-12 October 25-26 October
  • Advanced Course; Auckland – 25-27 July




Wellington Children & Adolescents 19-20 September
Auckland IDT-based Supervision 11-12 October
Auckland Couples & Family 7-8 November

Interactive Drawing Therapy Training for Practitioners

IDT Foundation Course training in Auckland!

  • 5-6 & 9-10 July 2012
  • 1-2 & 5-6 November 2012

Interactive Drawing Therapy is a page based way of working with words, images and feelings.  You may have already heard of IDT.  Over the last six years, IDT training has become established throughout Australia with most participants enrolling because of a recommendation by a colleague.  That colleague may for example have attended one of the many in-house Agency courses delivered to well known organisations such as, Centacare, Anglicare, Uniting Care and Relationships Australia.

Class The page becomes a mirror for your client, helping them see themselves more objectively from new perspectives, and facilitating insight, inner resourcefulness, and profound change. A unique map of the stages of the therapeutic journey guides you through the tasks, challenges, risks and interventions of each stage, dramatically increasing your effectiveness and ability to work safely.

The effectiveness of IDT is confirmed by what the practitioners say:

“IDT is a little miracle – a universal therapy which I feel crosses the bridge of age, ability, ethnicity, willingness, and engages with ease and safety. Many thanks”

“….complements other therapies; a very good medium for people who find cognitive methods difficult and unable to express verbally”

“Very informative and great learning.  IDT is very effective at helping the client go from the cognitive to deeper layers and feelings.  This is something I will definitely use with clients”

“Very useful and relevant.  Provides an alternative to many “talking therapies” to engage and work with clients”

The Foundation Course covers:

Unit One
Key concepts; basic method; working with pages; writing; session management; guiding principles; applications; metaphors; drawing interventions; overwhelm; resistant clients and developing IDT competency

By the end of the two-day Unit One, participants will be able to employ the basic IDT method as a powerful  tool when working with clients.

Unit Two
Review of Unit One; key concepts; levels of issues; therapeutic process; parts work; predictable difficulties; words; thematic frameworks; farewells; transitions

By the end of the two-day Unit Two, participants will be able to recognise various thematic frameworks that clients commonly present, and be able to shape their interventions accordingly.

Enrolments are open – contact the IDT office, idt@pl.net to enrol at the Early Bird rate


IDT Foundation courses are fully accredited to earn P.D. points